Jack Russell Training For Good Dog Manners

Sep 17


Richard Cussons

Richard Cussons

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A well-mannered dog brings joy and pride to the owner. Learn more about good dog manners...


Though small-bodied,Jack Russell Training For Good Dog Manners Articles jack russell terriers are sturdy and tough dogs developed to hunt and chase out foxes that has gone to the ground. In order to do tasks expected of them, it is important that this breed must be extremely intelligent, athletic, fearless and vocal. However, these characteristics may lead to destructive behavior if they are not properly stimulated and are not provided with appropiate jack russell training.

Jack russell training is more than just training a dog to excel in obedience or agility rings. It is even more than just training a dog to assist in hunting foxes, groundhog or badger. In jack russell training, you are also training your pet to behave in human-acceptable ways. A well-mannered dog sure brings pride and joy to his owner.

Training good manners can be a bit challenge especially when you look into those soulful eyes that seem to plead you to spoil them for the rest of their lives. Apparently, many dog owners like to spoil their pets - from countless toys to expensive and luxurious stuff such as bed, clothing and accessories - simple indications that the four-legged gets treatment fit for a king. A little spoiling won't hurt but if it goes beyond normal, spoiling a pet like a jack russell terrier, will not just make you shed money on those expensive stuff but will also lead your pet to develop behavior problems such as dominance and aggression.

Setting limits can help you discipline your dog so as he will continue to grow the way you wants him to. Training Fido not to plead (and steal) human foods will not only save you from possible embarassment when guests are in attendance but more importantly, will keep your pet safe from human foods that may pose danger to his health.

Teaching your dog commands like "stay", "come", "sit" and "down" has more benefits than it seems. You will be able to stop jumping, play biting,barking and other destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging. With a well-mannered dog, you will no longer have to worry of a possible disaster when a guest steps into your house.

It is also important that, you as the owner, assume the role as leader of the pack and must be made clear to the dog to prevent dominance issues and other related problem.