Know About Your Options For Paintball Guns

Jun 30




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The recent rise in popularity of paintball has weekend warriors everywhere suiting up and heading out to battle. If you are one of those people, you need to have the best equipment you can buy if you want to take your game to the next level. Choosing from the many types of paintball guns that are currently on the market is one of the first decisions you will have to make. In general, you want something that is accurate, durable and reliable.

The paint markers used by forest rangers to mark trees and trails were the precursors to the modern paintball weapons found on the market today. These markers were also used by farmers to identify cattle and other livestock. Eventually these tools were modified to increase speed and safety and the sport of paintball was born.
Nitrogen or compressed air is delivered to the gun by an attachable tank. When fired,Know About Your Options For Paintball Guns Articles small plastic balls are propelled through the barrel. A colored, water soluble solution is released when the ball impacts the target.
With the first guns produced, the user was forced to cock the gun before every shot just like with a traditional pump action shotgun. In order to increase the pace of the game, these guns were modified so they were more consistent and the user was able to load and shoot at a faster and more constant pace.
There are guns available today that are outfitted with feeders that are semiautomatic or automatic and will rapid fire up to twenty rounds every second. The longer barrels now used have made for improved accuracy. Electronics in the high end guns let you program your fire mode and communicate back to you via an LCD panel.
Weight and purpose are two things that should steer your decision when choosing a weapon. If single shot accuracy is your goal, take a look at the various sniper rifles that are sold. These guns provide the ultimate accuracy and many have a magnified scope to help you improve your aim. The automatic AK-47 is so similar to the real thing, that professional law enforcement personnel use them for training sessions. This gun is best for a blitz attack when you want to fire as many rounds as possible. The smallest option is the pistol, which is lightweight and easily toted in a pistol vest or leg holster.
The beginner is advised to start with a basic model that can have accessories added later when you become more familiar with it. Among the options available are bigger hoppers and laser sights.
Try out several guns before you make your purchase. You can either borrow from friends or rent various models until you find the one you like the most.

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