Airsoft Or Paintball - Which Sport to Choose?

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Many people ask this question because they're not sure which one to pick. To the inexperienced, they may seem exactly the same; a bunch of masked people running around shooting each other. However, that is not the case. Paintball and Airsoft are very different sports. To better explain the differences between paintball and airsoft, I have come up with a few sub-categories. They are; Uses, Upkeep, Cost, Tournaments, Pain, and Fun. 

Uses: When choosing between Airsoft and Paintball,Guest Posting you must consider what your gun be used for. Airsoft guns can be used for just about anything. They can be used for target practice, backyard wars, shooting cans, tournament play and more. Also there are so many different types of Airsoft Guns to choose from to suit your specific needs. Paintball are mainly used for tournament play or playing on a specified field, but sometimes people use them for target practice. Airsoft is better for target practice though. Airsoft has more practical uses then Paintball so airsoft wins this round.
Upkeep: When choosing between Airsoft and Paintball, you must consider if you want to spend time maintaining your gun. In Paintball, you need to constantly clean your gun of paint so it doesn't jam. You also may have to clean up the broken paintball shells if you are shooting in your backyard. You also, have to keep your paintballs in the freezer so they don't melt. In Airsoft, there is less upkeep. All that you need to do is charge your battery if you are using an electric gun and clear the occasional jam. Since Airsoft has less upkeep, that's another point for Airsoft.
Cost: Cost is an important factor in making your decision. You have to consider the gun costs, equipment costs, and ammunition costs. Paintball guns are generally more expensive than airsoft guns. For a quality gun, you must pay anywhere from 150-1200 dollars. In Airsoft there are many different types of guns to choose from with different price ranges. But, for a good electric gun you'll probably pay 160 dollars plus. Next, comes equipment. If you want to play paintball, you will most likely be playing on a team. For team play you will need to buy a paintball uniform, mask, and extra hoppers which which will cost around 150 dollars. For airsoft, however, all you need is a mask unless you will be playing on a team. If you are going to play on a team you will need to buy a tactical vest, extra magazines, mask or helmet and shooting glasses, and maybe some grenades. Paintball ammunition is slightly more expensive than airsoft bbs so airsoft ammunition is cheaper. If you are not playing on a team, airsoft will be your cheapest option. However, It's a tie between airsoft and paintball because they are about the same if you're playing on a team.
Tournaments: Long story short, Paintball has so many more tournaments than airsoft. Paintball is a recognized team sport, and there are tons of professional tournaments all over the US. With Airsoft, there probably won't be any organized events in your are and your team will probably need to host their own event. Paintball wins this category in a landslide victory.

Pain: If your goal is to inflict as much pain as possible, Paintball is your best bet. Even though paintball guns have a lower fps, but the paintball has a larger surface are transferring more energy on impact. in other words, it stings like crazy. Unless you have an airsoft gun with 400 FPS or over, you want a paintball gun. Another win for paintball.

Fun: Paintball can be fun, but airsoft is a game to play with your friends. In Airsoft you don't have to play on a field. You can play anywhere. Whether it be a backyard showdown with friends or skirmishing that mean kid across the street. I have played both Airsoft and Paintball numerous times and even though paintball was fun, I have always loved airsoft. Airsoft takes this category.
OK lets see the final results... The final score is: Airsoft 4 Paintball 3. So Airsoft takes home the gold. Both these sports are enjoyable but I would recommend Airsoft.

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