Make Your Pet Comfortable When Traveling – Part 1: The Frequent Traveler

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No matter if it is to be a 5 minute ride to the park or a 5 hour road trip, why not make your pet comfortable? The advantages in doing so are numerous starting with safety and ending with housekeeping. 

To begin with provide him or her with their own seat. Designating a seat for the dog who travels with you on a regular basis is beneficial in so many ways. First of course is the safety concern. Keeping the dog in a particular spot allows a restraint to be used. Restraints aren’t as bad as they sound. A good restraint will do for your dog what the seat belt does for you. Shouldn’t every driver be accountable for every life they place in their vehicle?

But safety aside,Guest Posting a designated seat also promotes good behavior in your dog. Just like being trained to sit or stay on command, designating a seat extends that training. Your dog will learn the rules of travel quicker than you might think. And let’s face it, we all know, a well-trained dog is the best type of dog! By designating one seat you also keep the mess of dirty paws, dog hair, even accidents confined to one area making maintenance and clean up much easier.

Don’t just stop with designating a seat, make it truly your dog’s seat! Place a favorite blanket of his on it, or some toys or chew bones. And keep those things there so he comes to a familiar place each time you travel. If your travels are long road trips you may even be able to provide food and water on the floor board below. It will also facilitate in helping to train him or her that this is their seat.

For smaller dogs or pets that are not tall enough to see out a window while sitting, consider providing them with a dog car booster seat. These are seats that elevate the pet up so they can see out the window. You can choose a seat the accommodates your dog’s size, from a seat that boosts them just a couple 4-6 inches to a taller lookout type seat that will raise them 6-12 inches up. Allowing the dog to see out the window will usually mean a happier pooch while traveling. Some of these seats even provide small storage drawers or trays which can house the food and water bowls, leashes, or other supplies you might need on the trip.

That brings us to the undeniable fact that easier car clean up makes for a happy car owner! As the car owner, keeping your pet in their own seat will make things much easier on you as well. And would you agree that makes traveling with your pet more agreeable? If nothing else, there will be less stress and worry about their safety.

I am going to guess if your dog is traveling frequently with you, there probably aren’t many problems with car sickness or accidents. But if you are having these problems, keeping the pet confined to one seat will help matters. It keeps the animal confined which may help the nervousness. It provides some security and comforts of home which also will help reduce nervousness. And allowing them to see out the window or even get fresh air from cracking the window will no doubt help the situation.

Making your pet comfortable, ensuring they stay out of harm’s way and keeping clean up easy for you is truly a win-win situation for everyone!

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