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Having a pet can really add to the hassle of traveling. Finding someone reliable to look after your beloved pet isn't always easy and paying a kennel really adds to the cost of the trip. Taking your pet with you solves those problems, as well as any separation anxiety that may occur for either you or your pet, but traveling with your pet comes with its own difficulties.

Particularly if you're flying,Guest Posting even small dogs and cats can be a hassle. Sure, their carrier can be your carry-on (or even your personal item if its small enough) but that doesn't solve all your problems. Lugging their carrier through the airport to board your plane, having it dangle off your shoulder for hours at a layover, and carting it the whole way to pet relief areas and back again really make traveling with your pet a pain.


Enter the pet stroller. An airline approved pet stroller can make traveling with your pet a breeze. Not only does it come in handy at the airport, but if you plan to be doing a lot of walking at your destination, the stroller stays useful throughout all stages of your trip. So what should you look for when purchasing a pet stroller?


A folding stroller is the first thing that you need. A stroller that folds up small enough can be checked at the gate, just like a baby stroller would be. At its unfolded size, its big enough to keep your pet comfy through those long layovers as they can stand up, lie down, and stretch out however they want. Folded, it's small enough to be tucked just about anywhere in the plane and a good crew will have it waiting at the gate when you deplane, so you can pop your pet right in and be on your way.


The second thing you need to watch for is that it is fully enclosed. A mesh covering that zips shut is the perfect solution. This allows your pet to get plenty of fresh air and see everything that is going on without running the risk of a sudden escape. Many airports will require a fully enclosed compartment for your pet.


Maneuverability is the other big factor to keep in mind. Airports can get very busy, as anyone who's done much traveling knows, and it pays to be able to wiggle through tight spaces. And seeing as you'll still have your carry on or purse with you, something light enough to be handled one handed is also a plus.


Though not a huge worry, having a storage compartment under the stroller comes in very handy. Being able to stash the carrier that your pet will be in for the duration of the flight keeps your hands free and everything right where you need it when it's time to get back on the plane.


With the right stroller, traveling with your pet is a cinch. Just look for something foldable, with a mesh enclosure, high maneuverability and as much storage space as you can get.

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