Baby Personal Care Products

May 18


Jason Kassel, PhD

Jason Kassel, PhD

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Everyone naturally wants to do what is best for their baby. These tiny little angels can seem so delicate and fragile, it's easy to feel like you need to protect them from everything. But in your rush to slather them with sunscreen and diaper cream, don't forget that the chemicals in those products may be what they really need protected from.



There are lists and lists and lists of chemicals and ingredients to look out for when you are purchasing personal care products for your baby. It's easy to become so overwhelmed that you just stop trying to keep up. After all,Baby Personal Care Products Articles if you stick with the major brands, everything will be all right, won't it?


Not necessarily. Even some of the biggest and most well-known brands put out personal care products that contain ingredients some people find alarming. If you'd like to help make personal care products safer, contact your favorite company and ask them about their ingredient list. Not only will you be letting them know that people are looking at what they put in their products, you'll also likely score some coupons from the company when they respond to your concerns.


Another alternative to is look for all natural, organic products. While "all natural" has become a buzz word in marketing that has somewhat lost its meaning, it is still a good standard to keep in mind. Many people who like the idea of organic products are put off by the higher price. A little savvy shopping can help remove this obstacle. Many organic companies offer free trials of their product so that you can test it out and see if it work for you before you invest any money into it. If you decide you like it, there is often a membership fee you can pay to get monthly deliveries of their products at a discounted rate. So you'll be saving money and your baby's skin.


There are some baby personal care products that you just shouldn't be using. Baby powder, for instance, ends up getting inhaled all too often. However much it helps on the outside, it was never meant to be in little lungs.


Other products, like diaper cream, may work better if used less heavily. Diaper cream is all about keeping your baby's bottom dry, but if it is applied too heavily, it could end up actually trapping moisture in and making the problem worse.


Sunscreen is another product you can probably cut back on. Not because your baby doesn't need it, but because very little ones shouldn't be out in the sun that much anyways. Put on as much protective clothing as you can and try to stick to the shade.


Once you cut out products that you don't need and cut back on products where less really is more, you'll be surprised at how the savings add up. And then you can use those savings to invest in higher end products that are free from dangerous chemicals to help keep your baby safe.