Pet Vaccinations Make Healthy Pets

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Pet vaccinations can keep pets from getting sick. Here are some things to think about.

Pet vaccinations are one part of keeping our beloved pets healthy. Anyone who loves their dog or cat wants to make sure that their animals remain disease free and well for as long as possible. Let's face it; our animals can often be our best friends. If humans want to learn about unconditional love,Guest Posting they should take a lesson from their dogs and kitties. Here are some tips for keeping these critters feeling good.

Important Facts About Dogs:
Exercise: Besides taking pups to the vet for regular checkups and immunizations, it's important to give Rover or Spot plenty of exercise. There are different ways to do this including having a large fenced yard and taking them for a daily walk. Without this, they'll grow anxious, overweight and won't have the highest quality of life.

Attention: Canines are social animals and need plenty of interaction and attention from the humans in the household. Having another dog for a roommate is also a wonderful way for them to be part of a pack.

Work: Canines need jobs to do. Fetching the newspaper or slippers, being made to "sit" and "stay" before they go for their walk will give them chances to do some tasks for their keep. Some pups are adept at catching bugs or rodents in the home, too. This allows them to be contributing household members and cuts down on pest control costs.

Alpha: It's important that members of the canine world know who is the boss. If they think it's them, all heck will break loose in the household. The owner needs to establish authority -- to be the “alpha” of the group.

Vaccinations: The Rabies shot is an important one and is usually required by law in order to keep the public safe in case of dog bites. The 5-in-one is also a crucial one and protects them from Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis and Parovirus. These shots can be given in a vet's office, at a low-cost clinic, in the local pet store or by the owner in their own home.

Important Facts About Cats:
Lower maintenance: Felines are lower maintenance than canines. They don't need to be walked and a huge yard isn't necessary. If they're outside cats, they'll climb up and over anything they feel like in order to get enough physical activity.

Litter box: Inside kitties will need a litter box somewhere within the home. This box must be changed often or the homeowners will be sorry. Not only will odors invade the house but also the finicky cat will begin to "toilet" himself in less desirable locales around the house.

Immunizations: Cats need to be protected from diseases too. They need to be protected from feline leukemia, distemper, FIV and more. Kittens should have a thorough exam when they are young, especially if being introduced into a household of other animals.

Inside or outside: There are mixed views on whether it's better to keep cats inside or let them brave it by exploring the outside world. They may be safer inside but will miss the experience of exploring their surroundings.

Cats and dogs make our lives richer. By making sure they have their pet vaccinations and proper care, they will be with us for as long as possible.

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