Regular Shih Tzu Grooming Prevents Health Problems For The Breed

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Pet grooming should become a daily habit for owners of this small breed dog. Hence a Shih Tzu may develop issues with its hair if not care for, or brushed minimum every other day. If you find that you are busy and may not have time for grooming, you may need to select another breed of dog, as this breed requires regular grooming to avoid health issues.

Some dog lovers just see the Shih Tzu's long and beautiful hair coat,Guest Posting never suspecting there are actually two hair coats. The external hair coat is the one obviously seen, because of the beautiful and silky hair owners like to brush and comb. There is also the internal hair coat, which is often soft and delicate. Despite a lack of patience with a care-demanding and high maintenance dog, some owners want to own a Shih Tzu puppy.
But a Shih Tzu requires to be groomed each and every day; couple that with the breed's demand for care and few owners give up on it. These breeds can live from thirteen to eighteen years, and the norm is each single day grooming; every other day at the least. If you need to have an active healthy puppy, you need to groom it, regularly.
Impulse purchasing and adopting is not going to be a best decision. If it's a decision at all- only because you spend time watching a dog show or brushing a friend's Shih Tzu, doesn't mean you can take care of it. The dogs usually seen in dog ring are finely selected their representatives of their actual breeds- pure bloodline, active, healthy and friendly. Because their owner taught them very hard and brushed them well, those puppies behave very well appear very good. Brushing and grooming is a habit a good puppy owner should develop, but that some, unfortunately, don't.
Few pet lovers who purchase or adopt this breed, after studying about the tedious brushing routine it needs, tend to give it up. But what turns off some pet owners are exactly what other people require- a routine, a bonding period. There are dog lovers who love grooming their dog. Because of their loyalty and devotion, the Shih Tzu is a popular companion dog among the elderly.
You could regularly take your puppy to a Shih Tzu hair stylist, and have your dog's haircut stylishly, lowering to a degree the requirement to religiously brush your Shih Tzu. You could have your dog's haircut stylishly, so that your pup remains beautiful, only with minimum hair to worry about grooming. Although you may need to consider this, but you might have to put up your puppy for sale.
Again, if grooming and combing is a regular habit you cannot develop and stick to, please reconsider getting a puppy. Inconsistent brushing and combing leads to many problems for puppy with a hair coat like that- health issues at the most, inconvenience at the least- would you feel relax if the coat all over your body was matter and tangled-up. What you need to not to do for your pup's hair coat to mat, get tangle up, be the home base of number of parasites leading to hair lesions and a host of other health issues.

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