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Rottweilers are well known for abilities as guards dogs, for their strength and intelligence. Some rottweilers are just plain well known and it is those famous characters that we will ge to know in this article.

The popular rottweiler breed has seen some of it members become quite famous. This ranges from comic books to movies and onwards. Here is a look at a few of the rottweilers that made into the halls of fame.

We start in the world of cartoon movies and find Scout,Guest Posting the rottweiler pet of Professor Shepherd in the action adventure and comedy cartoon called Road Rovers. Through a rather failed experiment the rottweiler Scout is transformed into Muzzle, a quite mad and foaming character that is mostly kept in a mask and strait jacket. Occassionally he is set free as a last resort when the Road Rovers are in real trouble and this usually turns out to the advantage of the good. Perhaps this rottweiler character has contributed to some people being scared of this breed of dogs.

In the realm of childrens books resides another famous rottweilers, Good Dog Carl. In a series of worldess childrens books the images of Carl the rottweiler entertains children of all ages. These books, 13 in total, and especially the board book version, have become immensly popular. The illustrations were brought to life by Alexandra Day.

On the big screen we find for example Snot, a rottweiler who starred, or at least took part, in the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation from 1989. The movie was one in a series and received mixed reviews though it is probably hard to find a critic that had anything negative to say about the rottweilers performance in the movie.

In real life there is Missy, the rottweiler of the english soul singer Joss Stone, born as Joscelyn Eve Stoker. Many rottweilers would probably be jeaulos of this one as her owner was recently voted Dog Owner of the Year. Along with Missy she also owns a poodle, Dusty, named after singer Springfield one the major influences for Joss.

Returning to the world of cartoons we find another rottweiler that may have contributed to the image that some carry of this breed as a wild beast. Punisher, a Marvel anti-hero, used to have a pet rottweiler called Max, which he saved from the animal pouchers.

Last, but not least, amongst the famous rottweilers lets mention Dracula. Owned by the heavy metal vocalist and musician Phil Anselmo, who is probably best know for vocals and lyrics with the now defunct Pantera band.

These were a few of the rottweilers of fame. There are surely more and surely more will come as this great dog continues to live amongst us.

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