New technology for the preparation of metallic powder coating

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With the rapid development of powder coatings, the expanding application and the increasing market competition, customers now have higher demands.

Existing technology for preparation of metallic effect powder coating will make the procession got many defects. There is a new technology for preparation of the metallic effect powder coating which can make up for the shortcomings of existing technology.

Preparation of new technology principle and advantages of the existing process is applied metal material,Guest Posting which is in powder coatings add the following process to prepare metallic powder coatings. This method in the production process are prone to burning, explosion, and the obtained metallic manganese powder coatings uniform metal dispersion, metal materials, add a large amount of spraying equipment for high impact spray effect. New technology is to add metallic materials and materials with the preparation of metallic powder coating, a good solution to the shortcomings of existing technology.

Preparation of the key principles of the new technology is the use of metal materials and parts dispersant. Metallic material is selected using a wax-coated metal material, use of dispersants are acrylic dispersant system. As a general metal coating without wax treatment, in the extrusion process, due to the shear force of the screw, destroyed the metal structure of the original arrangement, so that loss of the original metal flash effect, which is not up to the original metal flash powder coating metallic effect. The new technology used by the small size of the metal material itself, but through the wax coating process. Extrusion process, the wax under the protection of its original arrangement of the structure will not be undermined, but broken into small metal powder dispersed into the coating system. In the baking process, the small metal floating in the wax, driven, under the action of the dispersing agent is evenly distributed to the film surface, so as to achieve the effect of metal flashing

New technology advantages: (1) Metals and raw materials are added together, reducing the friction between the metal materials, metal materials due to inhibition of the friction caused between the combustion, explosion and other phenomena, improves the production of security. (2) Metal materials and base metals, additives through the extruder with extrusion shear mixing in the extrusion process, the metal material into a uniform powder, dispersed powder coating system, obtained after crushing uniform metallic powder coating, the coating is easily obtain uniform metallic effect, and greatly reduce the amount of metal materials, the requirements of the spraying equipment was significantly reduced. (3) Increase the use of metal within the law, non-conforming product may be immediately re-processing, greatly improving the yield of finished powder, and cost savings. The existing non-conforming product process can not be reprocessed immediately, and re-treatment process more difficult, less than the original metal effect. (4) It has a good anti-static effect, and greatly improves the flour yield, saving the amount of powder.

As the metal material can not bear high temperature, adding it into the powder coating will become difficult to uniformly disperse. In the baking process, the metal arrangement changes and it affect the refraction of light, and thus can not form a uniform surface like a boron powder coating. It reduces the gloss of powder coating. Therefore, the gloss metallic powder coatings are lighter and it is difficult to obtain high-gloss. inside the metal material with metal method after wax treatment, protection of the metal materials, to improve the temperature resistance of metal materials, but with added metal method Preparation of metallic powder coating metal powder dispersed evenly in the baking process, the metal material arrangement does not change, evenly distributed to the surface, the film will be covered, so that it can achieve a higher gloss, and well protected metal, the metal material is not easy to fall off. In the pencil hardness, adhesion, impact resistance, resistance to salt spray and other aspects, there is no difference between the two. In the art powder coatings, metallic powder coatings applied method in order to get the desired three-dimensional effect, the need for spray coating for thick, while the addition of metallic powder coatings is the thickness of the coating is not very demanding. This is due to the powder coating plus metal mobility has a greater influence, obstruct the flow of paint, combined with mixed not very uniform, so the method to be applied to thick coating on the film, there would be open at the end, affect the aesthetic effect. The rules within these materials through the wax coating the metal processing, wax and resin has good compatibility, so in addition to the coating of metal material impact on liquidity is not great, and metal powder dispersed evenly. So without the thick coating, it can also get very good results. Source:

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