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Schutzhund is training in tracking, obedience and protection. Certain working breeds excel in this intense sport.

Schutzhund is the German word for working dog. It is specific training in obedience,Guest Posting tracking and protection. The breeds most commonly trained in Schutzhund are Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Belgian Malinois. These particular breeds are known for their intelligence and trainability. They are known to have a very high prey drive. They are devoted and fiercely loyal to their owner and this is an important trait for successful training. 

Even within these breeds, some puppies in a litter will be better suited for this intense training than others. For a dog to excel at Schutzhund, certain temperament and personality characteristics are necessary. A puppy should be the leader of the litter. He should be bold in exploring and fearless when faced with new situations. To excel at Schutzhund trials, the puppy should grow to show intelligence, a stable temperament, strength, endurance and good physical structure.

There are three levels to Schutzhund training. For Schutzhund I, the dog must be at least 14 months old. Some of  the requirements include, passing temperament testing by the judge, heeling on leash and off leash, and demonstrating walking sit, walking down, and stay. The dog must retrieve over a hurdle and follow a track put down at least 20 minutes earlier by his handler. Protection exercises are also practiced.

To compete for a Schutzhund II title, the dog has to be at least 16 months of age and has to have earned the Schutzhund I title. The dog must again complete all the tests mastered in Schutzhund I, but this time around, they are harder and more demanding. The dog must follow a track laid at least 30 minutes earlier, this time by a stranger. Greater endurance is needed. Protection training involves, chasing, biting, holding, release on command and holding the subject without biting.

For a working dog to earn a Schutzhund III title, the dog has to be at least 18 months of age. The dog must have earned the first two titles. All tests are done with the dog off leash. More is expected of the dog, for instance, he must be able to follow a track 50 minutes old, laid by a stranger and there are more objects for the dog to find. It requires great concentration and focus. Protection training is intensified.

This type of intense training is required for police K9 work, as well as military work, although there are some modifications in the bite work training. Schutzhund training and trials is a great sport for working dogs and their handlers. Expert training by a professional is necessary to teach an owner how to work with his dog. There are Schutzhund Clubs around the country where you can watch competitions and learn more about this challenging sport.

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