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Various treatments are available for the prevention of fleas on the dogs and protects them from the flea and tick infestations. Here we will learn in depth about the product Nexgard.


Everyone must have heard of the song Summer of ’69,Guest Posting wow that song must have brought out the memories of lovely summer days with your friends and family. A flood of thoughts will be in your mind, and if you have a pup or even a dog that must be a wonderful time, you would have spent with him. But seriously is that what hit your mind on the mention of summer with dogs?

Pet parents are certainly aware about the summers with dogs because that is the time when dog’s powerful enemies arrive in the neighborhood. Welcome the most disgracefully renowned, fleas and ticks to our today’s article. Fleas and ticks are none other than the worst parasites that come to irritate your pets every year. Even while planning a trip or a holiday with your family you must have all the icky thoughts going on in your mind regarding the health and safety of your pooch.

Various treatments are available for the prevention of fleas on the dogs and protects them from the flea and tick infestations. A major threat to dogs is the infection that these tiny insects spread, hosting from one species to the other. According to a survey, several products were compared that were best suitable for the dog. And, the results were quite astonishing as Nexgard took the top position. Let’s talk in depth about the product Nexgard.

Nexgard designed for dog’s consumption are tasty beef flavored chews. These chews effectively work against flea and tick infestation in the dogs. A monthly dosage of this treatment eliminates and prevents these parasites from attacking your pooch and exasperates them.

The product is genuine and from a trusted brand Merial, which is a fast acting solution. The effect of the treatment can be seen within a few hours of application. This swift acting treatment is very reliable as it eliminates all the adult fleas before they lay eggs. It is very efficient in treating and controlling black-legged tick, American dog ticks, and brown dog ticks infestations.

Nexgard chewables are suitable for both dogs and puppies of at least 8 weeks of age. This palatable oral treatment provides a month round protection to the dogs from various tick-borne life threatening diseases.

The high potency activity of Nexgard is because of the presence of active ingredient, Afoxolaner. Afoxolaner is an insecticide that does all the nasty work of killing the fleas and ticks and preventing them from attacking again.

What is the dosage of Nexgard for Dogs ?

  • For small dogs — weighing between 4–10 lbs — Orange (11mg)
  • For medium dogs — weighing between 10.1–24 lbs — Blue (28mg)
  • For large dogs — weighing between 24.1–60 lbs — Purple (68mg)
  • For extra large dogs — weighing between 60.1–120 lbs — Red (136mg)

With the top product, Nexgard, you need not take any tension for these pesky parasites now. Just administer a chew to your pooch as a treat and take a relaxing breath for a month. Enjoy the summer sun with your dog. Spend quality time enjoying the weather with less stress and more fun time!!

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