Why CCTV Is A Fantastic Tool For Watching Animals

Apr 7


Matt Morrell

Matt Morrell

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As a security specialist, I mostly install CCTV systems to help my clients protect their homes and businesses. However, in recent years I am seeing CCTV being used for far more purposes.


CCTV or security cameras are predominantly used to protect assets like your home or business from intruders and burglars. However,Why CCTV Is A Fantastic Tool For Watching Animals Articles as technology has improved over the years, CCTV systems are now being used for many purposes including watching and protecting animals.

I have loved every job that has involved animals as I usually get to meet the animals being monitored.  Another benefit is that the cameras are often being set up in beautiful country settings rather than in industrial estates.

Farmers Using CCTV

A modern farm can be spread over a large area and sometimes the farm barns and other out-buildings can be situated far away from the main farmhouse. Farmers have found that they can put wireless CCTV systems to good use by installing cameras in their barns allowing them to monitor their livestock from home. This is particularly useful during calving and lambing season. A farmer can now go home and relax in the evening but still keep an eye on the livestock in case there should be any problems or animals go into labour. With CCTV monitoring available on Smartphones, this means they can also share the monitoring with others who do not live in the main farmhouse as the footage can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This makes CCTV a very useful and cost-effective method for checking the well-being of your livestock.

Unfortunately, livestock theft and the theft of expensive farm machinery is also a huge worry for farms in the UK. An article in Farming UK states that livestock worth £2.3m was stolen from UK farms in 2020. Another article in The Scottish Farmer in January 2020 states ‘livestock rustling bill hits £3million’. The figures all vary but they are all worryingly high!

Having CCTV installed on your farm to protect and monitor your animals, also provides the added benefit of deterring livestock rustlers and farm machinery thieves. Additionally, it can help the police catch them and convict them with your security camera footage.

CCTV To Watch Your Pets

In 2020, when we all spent so much more time at home, many people were finally convinced by their children or family to buy a dog. All the extra time at home meant you had more time to train them and take them for walks, however, now that more people are moving back to work and school, the dogs are being left at home alone for the first time. From a security point of view most dogs are great for security and will bark and ward off intruders but you may find some will get lonely and cause trouble at home.

People are now installing home CCTV so that they can monitor their pets from work to check that they are OK and are behaving. Or maybe it is to cheer themselves up at work? Pets are known to help with stress relief so I’m sure getting to watch your beloved dog when you are at work must have many mental health benefits. And of course, the added benefit is that your home now has internal CCTV cameras that will dissuade burglars.

Wildlife Watching At Home

Have you been inspired by the BBC’s Springwatch or Autumnwatch? CCTV cameras can be installed in your garden to watch wildlife, especially at night. Wildlife lovers are now spending time watching the behaviour of foxes, hedgehogs, field mice, and badgers in their garden. A camera located in the right place can allow you to watch a bird nest without disturbing the birds or their chicks.


Commercial Wildlife Watching

Zoos, safari parks, and farm parks are installing CCTV not only so that they can monitor the health of their animals but also to carry out behavioural research. Since COVID-19, more are either offering live stream footage on their website for anybody to watch or they are uploading short videos for the public to enjoy. These options never beat visiting the animals yourself but they do allow you to see the animals at night when you wouldn’t be allowed to visit, and they open up the animals to a wider audience. For example, people who are housebound can now enjoy a little wildlife watching at their local zoo.