The Best Defender from the Realm of Dogs

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Explanation of what nature and attitude makes the dog the best defender of its owner.

There are many ways how to train the dog to defend its owner but I believe that there is only one way for the dog to be always ready to protect him.

Its core consists in the fact that dogs as well as people are not always able to recognize which one out of all the strangers who are around has some bad intentions. And because attack is the best defense,Guest Posting best is for the dog to attack any stranger who is getting too close to its owner.

Please realize that the reason is that that as soon as somebody is too close to you and you are so to speak within the reach of his hands, he can suddenly hit you or stab you with a knife and no dog can react as extremely quickly as it is required by this unexpected movement of the attacker that was dangerously close to you.

If I wanted to have such a doggy companion that I could really rely upon, I would want him to show aggressive behavior toward all the strange people. No matter what gender or age. The dog should be aggressive toward all the strangers in any environment and circumstances. It should be trained both in lonely and in public places, both where there are only human enemies and disturbing factors like cats, other dogs or sounds.

As far as particular breeds of dog are concerned, for most people living in a modern human society are most suitable modern and/or civilized breeds of dog, especially short-coated Molossers like Bull Mastiff, Cane Corso or Rottweiler. Most of the time their defense is sufficient and at the same time adequate (= normal biting that will only cause a light or medium injury and that will not straightly endanger the human enemy's life).

But although in the majority of time is better when the dog will only somewhat hurt the human enemy (by biting his hand, for example), exceptionally there can be extreme enemies, especially on lonely places, and in such a case also extreme way of fighting is needed against them = Ovcharka-type of dogs. Their way of fighting is most dangerous and most effective, and such a dog does not go to only discourage the intruder. He goes to kill him (however, sometimes when the defeated intruder lies on the ground without any movement, some of these dogs will not finish him off).

So if we were asked who is the best defender from the realm of dogs, we should answer that it is such an Ovcharka-type of dog that is aggressive toward all the strangers in all the circumstances. It usually means a big Wolfhound (Caucasian Ovcharka, Kangal, Central Asian Ovcharka, Anatolian Shepherd and similarly) who underwent the necessary training in defense of its owner in various environment including public places.

Of course, the dog owner must sufficiently secure his dog in order to prevent it from unnecessary attacks on innocent people. So when on a walk the dog is securely held on a leash (and also fitted with a muzzle when in public places) and when at home, the design of fence and doors must be good enough to prevent the dog from getting outside and attacking people.

As a matter of interest, I believe that laws should change. As it is said: „Your house is your castle.” Once some stranger has entered your premise without your permission, you should encounter no bigger legal problems if your dog has killed him. It can happen, because for instance just the big Wolfhounds I have already mentioned often attack with the intention of killing since it is natural for them. Laws could also be more tolerant in the case that you keep your dog on a leash and some stranger will approach you too closely regardless of your warning that he should not come to you that near. If he came too close despite your warning and your dog has torn his face off, I think that you should only be punished minimally (e.g. some very low fine).

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