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One of the most important aspects of the dog training process is to stop your dog from chewing objects and household items. Chewing or gnawing is one of the instinctive behaviors of dogs which may cause inconveniences for an individual. As part of the development process and their exploratory nature, dogs may try chewing on furniture, shoes and any other items that come along their way. Sometimes, one may also find dog chewing their paws . However, there are certain techniques and preventive measures which assist in conquering the dog chewing problems .

The most common reason for the dogs' chewing behavior is teething. In order to subjugate the extreme pain caused by the teething process,Guest Posting dogs may chew anything. Moreover, lack of exercise and boredom are also considered to be the contributing factors for the destructive dog behavior . Additionally, there are psychological reasons such as separation anxiety or insecurity which inflict dogs exhibit the destructive chewing behavior. If not properly checked or regulated on time, dog chewing can become extremely destructive to the animal itself and the surroundings as it may obsessively chew its own limbs or paws or can also chew through doors and destroy furniture, etc.

Chew Toys – Tools for Dog Chewing

Chew toys serve as gears for the canine companions' mental, emotional and physical development. However a lot of factors are required to be kept in mind while making purchases for the safest chew toys available in the market. For instance, safety, appropriate size and levels of spryness are a few points to ponder.

Safe Chew Toys

A range of harmless chew toys are available in the market. Some of which are:


Nylabones are safe and tender products being made from odor-free nylon fibers. They are available as edible and non-edible bones. Edible nylabones are flimsy while the non-edible ones are long-lasting bones that are filled with chicken-meat, turkey-meat or chocolate flavors. Nylabones are available in a range of size and colors, so an individual can choose one which suites their dog's requirements. Galileo is considered to be the best nylabone .

Kong Toys

Kong toys are an ideal choice for dogs that tend to suffer from anxiety or boredom. The most recommended chew toys were discovered in 1976 and are described as sterilized bones consisting of a rubber cask with a hollow center which can be stuffed with peanut butter, cream cheese or dog food.

Chew Toys That Are Unsafe

All kinds of meat and fish bones are unsuitable for dog chewing. Toys with squeakers or stuffed toys can also be harmful and can give rise to choking hazards or intestinal problems if the toys are tore violently and their parts are swallowed. Old clothing such as shoes also serves to be the inappropriate chew toys. Moreover, rawhide chews shall also be avoided. Though they are the dog's favorite, rawhide chews can cause intestinal blockage or choking if large pieces are swallowed. Certain rawhide chews may contain chemicals that may be a threat to the dog's health.

Techniques for Discouraging Destructive Chewing

Here are a few techniques which might help, stop dog chewing items that are inappropriate.

Praising Dog's Acceptable Behavior

Destructive chewing can be controlled by complementing the dog's behavior while he chews the appropriate chew toys. However, regular change of chewing toys plays a significant role in overcoming the behavior.

Redirection from Inappropriate Objects

If one finds his dog chewing cabinet or any other object that is unacceptable, then the dog's behavior should be discouraged. Moreover, steps should be taken for distracting it. Diverting the dog to a suitable chew toy may help in the respective case.

Teaching Dog the “Leave” Command

Dogs should be taken to training classes for teaching them the “leave” or “drop it” command. However, the command should be addressed in an assertive and low voice.

Spending Time with Your Pet

One should try spending a few hours with the pet dog as this makes it feel secure. Moreover, dogs should be taken for long walks in order to minimize boredom and fulfill the need of physical activity.......

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