Top 5 Halloween Costumes for your Dog

Oct 12


Peter Wendt

Peter Wendt

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Dogs often get in on the Halloween fun with their own costumes. If you're dressing up your dog this year for Halloween, consider one of the hottest costumes for dogs this season.

The costumes for dogs allow them to partake in the same festivals and celebrations that their beloved human owners do. Five costumes in particular are garnering attention this year. 
Antoine Dogson
This stylish costume is a pun of Antoine Dodson. He's the internet sensation who made the video proclaiming that people must hide their kids and their wives. The costume typically has a little sign that hangs down from the dog's chin with the catchphrase on it. There's also usually a bandana with some Antoine Dodson-themed curly hair. Young people will particularly enjoy the costume,Top 5 Halloween Costumes for your Dog Articles and you'll be in touch with the current culture. 
Lobster Dog
Another great idea is to make your dog look like a pot of lobster. You can buy some cheap, fake crab claws to decorate the costume even further. You purchase some red die to make your dog look as red as a real lobster. This costume really only works for lighter-colored dogs. You should get a cooking pot that you don't need, or you can just buy a new one if you have to. You can carry a small dog in the pot with the red dye and crab legs. 
The Queen Elizabeth Dog
Dressing your dog up as Queen Elizabeth is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Female dogs should be the only ones wearing the costume, but they'll enjoy all of the attention they get. You can cut some cheap fabric to make the dog look like Queen Elizabeth, and you don't have to spend a fortune. Make sure the "cape" of the costume hangs behind the dog's back legs. You might even want to get a cheap crown to put on the head of the dog. 
iPhone Dog
The iPhone is a supremely-popular object in society today. You can find this particular costume at a number of online retailers. The technologically-hip dog will surely turn heads as people walk by and see it dressed as an iPhone. The costume really does look like an iPhone. People will love to pet and play with your dog since it'll be dressed as an iPhone.
Taco Dog
A dog dressed as a taco almost looks good enough to eat. Don't worry. Nobody will actually eat the dog. The usual variants of this costume involve Velcro-style pieces. You just secure the Velcro around the dog and the costume slips right on. Some breeds of dog look better in this costume than others. Short dogs that have longer lengths look great in the taco costumes, and so do cocker spaniels. Try a neat costume for your dog this Halloween.

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