Camping Essentials: What To Bring For Your Trip

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Going camping is a great way to spend a weekend or a vacation, but it does require people to plan ahead.

Once you get out to the wilderness,Guest Posting it won’t be easy to get ahold of things that you forget to bring. It can quickly ruin a camping trip when you forget an essential item. To avoid that scenario, always make sure to double check a camping packing list before leaving. Here are some of the essential items to make sure to bring on a camping trip.
The most important thing to have when out in the wilderness is shelter. Make sure to bring a quality tent that has a waterproof rainfly. Don’t forget to bring heavy-duty stakes to secure your tent to the ground. Also, bring along a tarp to place under the tent. This will keep it from getting dirty as well as preventing wear and tear on the tent.
You also want to bring along comfortable bedding to go inside the tent. Make sure to get a sleeping bag that is rated for a temperature at least ten degrees below the coldest you think it could get. It is always better to have a sleeping bag that is too warm rather than one that is too cold. You can always unzip the bag or sleep on top of it. Also, you should bring along an air mattress to keep you elevated off the ground. This keeps you warmer and feels a lot more comfortable as well.
Food Stuff
It is best to keep it simple when you are camping. Prepackaged food is your friend. Don’t forget to bring along the components for s’mores. Hot dogs are always a hit. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of drinking water and other beverages. Also, you need to be sure to bring along garbage bags to pack out everything when you leave. It is important to leave only footprints when you are camping.
Survival Things
You will need tools to make a fire. A good, waterproof lighter or matches are your best bet. You can also use fire-starting logs. Bring along a knife and a hatchet to chop wood. It is always crucial to bring along a first-aid kit with your camping gear. Know how to us the components inside the first-aid kit. A compass is always a good idea as well.
Other things that will help you out are include items to keep insects from bugging you. Make sure to bring plenty of bug spray. Citronella candles are never a bad idea to bring along to keep the mosquitoes away. Be sure to bring sunblock and sunglasses to protect your body from UV rays. Aloe vera is a good item to bring along to soothe both insect bites and sunburns.
The key to being comfortable on a camping trip is to wear layers. You should have everything from T-shirts up to a winter coat. You never know how cold it will get, especially if you’re camping in the mountains. Be sure to bring along waterproof gear and carry it with you on your hikes. Staying dry is one of the most crucial parts of staying comfortable while camping.
Have Fun
If you follow this advice, you will have everything you need to have a great camping trip. Make sure to go over your inventory before you leave to make sure that you don’t forget anything. It is better to have too much and not need it then to leave behind an essential item. Being prepared with everything you need will help to ensure that you have a great time camping.

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