Weimaraner: Ear Care Basics

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Discover tips on how to clean properly the ears of your Weimaraner...

Despite the absence of signs of ear problems,Guest Posting it is still a good idea to check regularly the ears of your Weimaraner given the fact that this breed has moderately long and hanging ears. As the ear folds, it covers the ear canal and prohibits air from entering and drying the canal giving way for the development of ear wax. Without proper cleaning, this ear wax builds up leading to ear infection.

Before cleaning the ears of your Weimaraner, prepare the cleaning items first. These cleaning items include cotton balls, cotton swab, damp wash cloth and dog ear cleanser, available at grocery or any pet store. In the absence of ready to use ear cleanser, some use mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide instead. However, vets are now discouraging the use of hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol for homemade ear washes for dogs. Mixture of vinegar and water can also be sued as a substitute. Vinegar aids in reducing infection because it counteracts the climate that nourishes yeast.

Move to the inner ear after you are done cleaning the outer ear. Gently squirt or pour liberal amount of dog ear cleanser into the dog's ear to fill the canal. Massage the ear in downward motion fro about 20 to 30 seconds to help loosen normal dirt and wax. Wipe the dirt and excess fluid from the inner ear using cotton balls. Be careful not to pushdown the cotton ball or anything into the ear. Most dogs shake their heads after this, which helps to loosen dirt within the ear.

Home cleaning is not advisable for serious wax build-up or hardening. Cleaning should be done by a veterinarian. You also have to bring your pet to the vet if your dog:

- seems to be scratching or shaking his head more than the usual- keeps holding his head at unusual angle- has a strong, sour, cheesy odor from the ear- has heavy, waxy material inside th ear- has fleas and ticks that can be seen in the ear area- has a color different from the skin- red blotches or inflamed skin

When bathing your dog, be careful in sensitive areas such as the ears. Gently insert cotton into the opening of your dog's ears to keep the water out. Bear in mind that good ear cleaning regimen is one of the most effective preventive measures to reduce the risk of ear infection and other ear related problems.

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