What is the Best Type of Bird Cage for Your Feathered Friend

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Follow these few simple guidelines when choosing a bird cage for your family pet. Cage size, bar spacing, easiness of upkeep as well as cage location are the controlling components to selecting the correct bird cage.

This is an issue that has several answers,Guest Posting many right and not so right ones. Ultimately, the best bird bird cage for your pet bird is one which is large enough, does not contain dangerousitems that may hurt your bird, has the correct bar spacing, is easy cleaning for the owner and is set in a spot where your feathered friend can interact and be part of the family.

All of these things a part of the selection process of finding~go into selecting} the "best kind of cage for your feathered friend". To me, size is the number one thing you should consider. No matter where you get your bird cage, whether it is in a store front or online, there should be a sizing chart or guide intended for you to review. Also, ask the question to the sales person where your buying

from. Let them know the type of bird and they should be able to recommend a minimum size of bird cage. Bar spacing is also a consideration here. Typical bar spacing is 5/8" or 1". Again, ask the sales person of website owner what the maximum recommended bar spacing is for your bird.

Be sure you are buying a top quality bird cage from a reputable manufacturer. Paint is very mandatory and any cage should use a powder coating process for their painted cages. You can avoid this issue by acquiring a stainless-steel bird bird cage, but often these are very expensive and not affordable to the average bird owner. Any retail or online store should provide you information on the painting process and facts about the cages concerning peeling, scratching and other ways a bird can ingest paint from the bird cage.

Your cage must be easy to maintain. This really is mandatory because it is mandatory to your bird that you maintain its home. If a cage is difficult to clean you will more than likely not do it as often as needed. Now, I don't know of a particular person that enjoys this job but making it more difficult than it needs to be just adds frustration for you. Easily removable trays, access to food and water, seed catchers, etc. are all things that ought to be properly thought out before your purchase.

Finally, the last and maybe the most essential aspect of bird cage purchasing is picking the area to place it in your home. Going through the process of purchasing a bird, bird cage, toys, supplies and all the other things that go along with it and then sticking your feathered friend at the north wing of your home when the family is in the south wing all the time is just crazy. Experience your bird and let him enjoy you. Birds, especially bigger varieties prefer to socialize and be part of the family. Having them away from the family is invariably unhealthy and can lead tophysical and psychological problems with your bird.

So, ask questions, obtain proper size and bar widths, check the manufacturer, and locate the proper spot for the bird cage. Whenever you do these items, you and your bird will both benefit and live longer and happier lives.

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