White German Shepherd: Guide To Long Haired White Shepherds

Nov 3


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These White German Shepherds with plush white coats, a good intellect, sporty, and an over-all fun and healthy breed have a remarkable pedigree!

This beautiful dog is directly bred from the German Shepherd family with a white coat gene of beautiful recessive white fur.


So if you want an adorable white prestigious dog,White German Shepherd: Guide To Long Haired White Shepherds Articles who acts and loves you exactly like a German Shepherd, and if you can cope with bathing the dog frequently to keep that white fur clean, then we suggest this White Shepherd is what you are looking for.

What Do We Know About White German Shepherds?

These dogs naturally belong to a diligent breed and have a high intellect.

They are not any different from the tanned German Shepherds. However, the only thing that distinguishes the two, is their white fur.

German Shepherds contain the same recessive white fur gene exactly like humans have the recessive blonde hair gene. This recessive gene thus results in white German Shepherd puppies.

Though this breed of German Shepherd was never quite popular due to their white color as compared to other color variations.

Yet undoubtedly, have been the second most registered breed, as per the sources of American Kennel Club.

These dogs are known as great professionals when it comes to working force professions, like police, military, and herding.

But they are also great at being a family pet due to their loving, protective, and loyal nature.

The Genesis of the Breed

These White German Shepherds were directly bred from the German Shepherd breed.

To understand the origin of this breed, we need to look into the German Shepherd’s background history.

Von Stephanitz discovered the German Shepherd at a dog show and thought that the dog breed would be best for a working dog.

He was inspired by the dog’s incredible intelligence, beauty, and behavior.

So he adopted the dog and named him “Horand” and soon the society for German Shepherds was created known as “Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde”.

84 puppies were bred from that dog as he was the first breed standard and gave birth to similar appearance dogs.


The Pedigree and Recognition of Kennel Club

In 1906, the dog was first taken to the United States of America and two years later, in 1908, he was registered in the American Kennel Club.

However, the White German Shepherd breed gods are neither registered nor recognized by the American Kennel Club.

They are known as a different breed by the United Kennel Club since the white color does not meet the breed standards of the American Kennel Club of the Shepherds.

Nonetheless, these dogs are so adorable that their breeding could never be stopped and have become the darlings for almost everyone.

Breeding Information about the White German Shepherd Dogs

Lifespan About 12 to 14 years
Weight Females 50 to 70 and Males 66 to 85 pounds
Size Females 22 to 24" and Males 24 to 26" pounds
Breed Type Herding Group
Objective Herding Dogs and Working
Best Fit For Couples, Families, and Bachelors
Colors Pure White
Nature Intelligent, Loyal, Sporty, Protective and Caring
Other Names White Shepherd

Adorable White German Shepherd Munchkins
White German Shepherd puppies tend to grow faster. So around the age of four months, they reach almost half of their adult height and weight.

The size of their litter is about five to ten puppies.

The cost of these puppies is around 750 USD to 1,000 USD.

But make sure not to get scammed in case your breeder is attempting cross-breeding with German Shepherds with other breeds and fooling you by presenting you a white dog looking similar to a pure white German Shepherd breed.

These puppies reach their full adult form and potential by the age of one year.

Temperaments of the White German Shepherds

Characteristics Ratings

Friendly Character ***
Confidence ****
Protective Nature *****
Prey Drive ****
Social Behavior ****

Due to these dogs’ protective nature, it is best to train their social skills at their earliest.
Training them on their socialization with other animals and new people around them will lessen the unnecessary barking at every other stranger. Their barking and howling can easily be dealt with if trained accordingly at an early age.
However, these white German Shepherds do often bark out of their protective and loving nature, and thus will go to any lengths for their owners.

The barking does not mean they are aggressive or don’t like cuddling. It just shows their cautious attitude when meeting new people and would naturally want to protect you out of care and love.

Family Indulgence

When it comes to taking care of family members and providing them love, white German Shepherds are at the front in the queue. They will take care of your children with utmost warmth under their paws or wings.

White German Shepherds are naturally high on their prey drive, so care must be shown around infants and proper training must be given to fulfill their socialization requirements.

They have a tendency to mingle with other dogs and animals easily.

So it is necessary to begin their training as early as possible, because once they grow older, they may be conservative around new people and animals. But they are also very loving.

Personality Type

It is said that white Shepherds are mostly shy but playful than tanned Shepherds, but when it comes to personality, both the breeds possess the same type.

When we talk about German Shephards, ‘loyalty’ is the word that is associated with them the most.

These dogs are known to have strong appearances but internally they are loyal, loving, and devoting.

Since this breed is quite protective and self-assured, they make outstanding guard dogs.

These dogs are used in police and military forces because of their strength, loyalty, protective temperament, and therefore making them hard-working dogs. They are the wisest and most desirable breed of dogs.


White German Shepherds are well-known for being sporty and manly.
They are usually lean as they were bred for their hardworking potential.
The posture is strong and confident, even when they are puppies and have large feet.
The gene that affects their white fur is only constrained to that very element. It has no effect on their eyes or skin colors.
Thus making the identification of this breed simple.
They resemble the tan Shepherds with the same colored eyes – dark brown.
It is said that their snow-white coats reflect their ancestor – wolves.
Color Variation
Yes, their smiles put smiles on your face. They are just so adorable when grinning like a goof.
White German Shepherds usually have two coat types; long coat or short coat.
White German Shepherds have longer coats compared to that of tanned German Shepherds with long coats.
They have mostly thick and straight fur.
As puppies they softer and fluffier, but with time the fur gets coarser. However, their ears remain the same forever.
The double-coat is protection against severe weather conditions.


They weigh around 50 to 85 pounds. Females usually lie in the lower range from 50 to 70 pounds whereas, males lie on the higher of these numbers.


Varying from 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder, this breed is considered large and very tall. But females usually fall shorter between 22 to 24 inches.

The Grooming Requirements of White German Shepherds

To avoid the knots in their fur, brushing them regularly is significant.
All white German Shepherds have a thick coat which signifies their shed every year around.
Brushing them twice or thrice a week is very important as early as possible so they are used to it.
Bathing is required occasionally when your pet is dirty or you feel like it really needs a shower day now.
Do not forget to brush their teeth. It is important to keep that smile brighter and shinier.
During their dental treatments, white German Shepherds are easy to handle so you will feel less burdened.
As suggested by the vets, try brushing their teeth with a pet special toothbrush.


A Complete Guide to The Care of White Shepherds

Playtime plays a good part in exercising your pet alongside running, strolling and even time spent at doggy daycare is essential for their physical health.

Due to the popularity of work out, mental incitement, and preparing of these dogs, they are usually high upkeeps.

With their pretty strong-willed breed always striving to learn new tricks.

Thus, making this dog best for active families or people having enough time for training.


Nutrition and Diet Requirements

1,500 calories of kibble cups required.
Having large builds, these dogs demand a huge intake of food.
Because they are very energetic and have high exercise needs, a formulated diet is recommended for huge breed dogs.
The diet must contain all the necessary carbs, fats, and proteins that your dog needs regularly.
Dried kibbles as a part of their diet are suggested. But many Shepherd’s also go for raw diets. It is up to you, as what you think suits best to your doggy.
For puppies, at least three meals a day should be provided.
As they grow older, the feeding should be reduced to twice a day. Depending on the schedule of your day, you can also feed them one a day.
Physical Activity Requirements
One or one and a half hours a day is required to exert them physically due to their sporty nature, so the energy needs to be utilized each day.

They also make good running partners, so you can run along with them.

Their exercise needs should be observed carefully.

Adult white Shepherds require sixty to ninety minutes of exercise daily.

You can also run them in your backyard or schedule their exercising classes there. If you have one, then make a good use of it for your pet.

Do not keep them in small or confined places, as this may lead them to form an aggressive behavior out of boredom and little place to walk in.

Keep giving them toys, treats and often praise them to watch how quickly they learn.

It is easy to train these dogs as they are very sharp, observant and are quick to learn new things because of their high intelligence.

Well trained dogs are easy to keep in families and/or among couples or bachelors as they do not disturb you once you train them right according to your likes.

Begin training them the moment you bring them to your house for their better and positive attitude in the future.

Positive reinforcement is a highly effective form in training your pets as it makes them feel comfortable around you, feel secure and their confidence boosts up so they remain calm and friendly.

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