Who Else Wants to Know the Grooming Secrets for Their Dog’s Breed?

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He dog breed's fur has special needs.  Do you know what your breed needs?

Are you ever confused by how to groom your dog?  You want them to be cared for well,Guest Posting but you hear different things about how often to bath them, and how to cut their fur.  The truth is it depends!  Different breeds require different kinds of care when it comes to breeding.  Fur can vary in length, texture, how often it sheds, and thickness.  It is important to know yourself when choosing a dog.  Some dogs are much higher maintenance then others.


Why Do I Groom?


Grooming your dog is more than just aesthetics.  Fur left uncared for can become matted and tangled.  This fur can pull on a dog’s skin causing injury, and then need to be shaved.  Dog’s fur can grow over their eyes making it hard for them to see, or for some breeds long enough to become a tripping hazard! 


What Do I Get to Start?


This will also depend on the breed of dog you own.  There are a variety of different brushes on the market.  Dog’s coats typically have two types of fur:  the outer layer of fur, which is coarser,  and the inner layer of fur, which is much softer.  A dog’s hair grows to a predetermined length, some stay short and some will grow quite long. 


Some of the most common brushes include: a bristle brush,  a pin brush, and a soft or rubber brush.  A metal comb for grooming is also a handy tool.  You may also need a hound glove.  Don’t forget equipment for taking care of their nails. Choose an organic dog shampoo for your pup’s bath.  Not sure what to choose?  Consult dog shampoo reviews. Dog bathing frequency will vary from breed to breed.


Wiry Fur Coats


Dogs with wiry coats need to be brushed at least three times a week to remove loose dead hair.  These breeds can be considered high maintenance if you are going to take the time to properly brush them!  These coats do best being washed about once every three months.  Terriers and Dachshunds are breeds that belong in this category.


Curly, Non-shedding Fur Coats


Think poodles!  Poodles should be bathed and trimmed every two months.  Extra care needs to be taken dealing with extra fur in and around their ears, make certain you hire a professional to do your grooming.


Long Thick Fur Coats


As you might suspect long thick coats require frequent brushing.  In fact when these dogs are shedding they may need to be brushed daily.  This breed of dog has a coat with protective oils.  Too frequent bathing strips these oils which is detrimental to their coats.


Choose a shampoo designed to care for your breed’s fur.  Dog shampoo reviews can help you find just the right one. What is the dog bathing frequency for this breed? On average these breeds need baths only about twice a year.  Akitas and Newfoundlands belong in this group.


Smooth Fur Coats


Use a hound glove to keep these pups looking great.  A hound glove has a slicker brush on one side and rubber studs on the other.  Comb these breeds once a week.  Use dog shampoo reviews to find just the right shampoo for your dog’s baths.  These breeds need a bath two to three times a year. 


Who falls into this category?  Dalmatians, Dobermans, Boxers, Whippets, and Labradors!


Know Your Dog


Do you know your dog’s breed?  Knowing about your dog’s breed sets you up for success.  If you know the challenges you may face, you’ll know how to beat them! There are a lot of groomers in the marketplace, make sure you choose wisely to get a well-trained groomer.  A well trained groomer will know how to properly cut your dog’s fur.  Each breed needs to be bathed at different intervals, you can also find shampoos specially designed just for their needs.  Don’t know where to start?  Check dog shampoo reviews.  A little bit of research can go a long way in getting the right care for your dog.





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