John McCain's "Agreed Framework"

May 26 22:00 2005 J.J. Jackson Print This Article

I am by no means a fan of Senator John McCain (Arizona). And it seems like every couple weeks I become less and less of a fan of his even being in the Republican Party. Today, I am to the point of publicly asking Senator McCain to just make it official and turn the (R) next to his name into a (D). PLEASE! Enough with the charade!

Campaign Finance Reform brought me to the edge of the cliff of my patience. Now,Guest Posting Senator John McCain attempting to nuke the Constitutional Option has forced me to jump.

History teaches us many lessons. One of the most important is that you can never negotiate in good faith with those that are not bound to reality but that would rather pursue their own power over all else. John McCain has now made his bed with those that seek power above all else; the Senate Democrats.

Joined by six other Republicans unwilling to force an up or down vote on judicial nominees and seven Democrats who never had any intention of voting for conservative judicial nominees, McCain has attempted to maintain the state of Constitutional chaos that currently exists in the Senate. He and his gang of 13 reached a hollow compromise that spat in the face of all that is right and just. He basically said "SCREW YOU!" to the Constitution and the voters of America that have given Republicans the control of the Federal Government.

The Constitution calls for advice and consent on Presidential judicial nominees. The Democrats don't like that because they are in the minority and do not hold the Presidency so they are basically left out in the cold clinging with white knuckles to the last vestige of their power which is the courts. So they have resorted to simply denying up and down votes on nominees that have both passed through committee and have enough votes by the representatives of the people to be seated upon their respective benches.

The deal between McCain and the Democrats, which is as rotten as they come, basically paved the way for votes on three of ten nominees while chucking the other seven to the wolves. That's a paultry 30% for those of you that are weak at math. The deal also lets Senate Democrats maintain the right to indefinitely delay votes on any other judges in the future. They claim that they will only do so however under "extraordinary circumstances".

I would say define "extraordinary circumstances" but we know what it means. It means if you are Constitutional Originalist and most likely pro-life your nomination to the Supreme Court will be considered "extraordinary". It also means that if you are nominated to any of the appellate courts and they think they can dig up enough lies, distortions and half-truths about you, you might as well kiss your nomination good bye. Priscilla Owens, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor are only slipping through because Democrats would rather bide their time as they lose ground in this round.

The deal, much like Senator McCain, is so flawed it would be laughable if it were not so serious. The Senate has a role to perform and it should perform it. Senator Frist, thankfully, has not yet signed on to this "deal". And Senator Frist should push ahead for up and down votes on ALL nominees and force the Democrats to show us what "Extraordinary circumstances" means. It is time to go Constitutional on their asses.

Super majority support is not required Constitutionally for judicial confirmations and the House and Senate as always retain their rights to always impeach judges that fail to act in good behavior. That has always been the "balance of power" the founders gave us. It is not what the Democrats want you to believe which is that the "balance of power" somehow involves giving minority Democrats the ability to stonewall moderate Republicans and completely shut down the conservative Republicans.

It's time to realize that you cannot negotiate in good faith with those that have no "good faith" to start with. You cannot negotiate in good faith with those that are so blinded by their flawed ideology that they will stop at nothing to prevent their loss of power. And it is time to make McCain and his gang of 13 go on the record with every nominee just like every liberal Democrat and every moderate and conservative Republican as well. And it is time to excommunicate McCain from the Republican Party and let him go home to the Democrats.

Push the red button Senator Frist! America is waiting for your decisive leadership and for you to obliterate those that stand in the way of the Constitution.

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