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Legal and illegal immigration and the issue of Sanctuary Cities.

There are many cities in the United States today that have chosen to act outside the law and declare themselves as "sanctuary" cities.  These are cities where illegal immigrants and others are safe from being sent back to their native countries.  These cities are outside the law – the federal law.   Basically these cities have chosen a “don’t ask,Guest Posting don’t tell” policy when it comes to illegals and these cities will not turn these people over to the INS or other federal agencies even if it is known by local authorities what the legal status is of the subjects.  I am finding that the majority of the people I know have heard nothing about “sanctuary cities” as our mainstream media has not reported much if anything about this situation.  This is a true problem and if you find it hard to believe me, please Google “sanctuary cities” and do your own research.

Sanctuary cities and states are in contempt of the laws of the United States, a contempt that threatens to undermine our country.  Many believe that among those residing in US sanctuary cities are also sleeper terrorists and others whose purpose is to destroy the United States and kill as many Americans as possible.

But that is not why I am writing this article.  Until the last 2 to 3 weeks, my city being a sanctuary city did not matter to me in the least.  I had some vague idea what it meant but that was about it. 

I have recently lost my biggest client, so my finances went to pot faster than even I thought they would.  I have been followed by a doctor for a couple of medical problems but because I have no insurance this medical practice stopped seeing me and suggested that I get into our county’s MAP (medical assistance program).  I started calling one day to find out exactly what I needed to do.  I do know that at one time this city I live in had assistance of many varieties offered to citizens of this county and city.  Now, because of the number of immigrants flooding the system, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to even get qualified for any assistance of any type – plus when you call to get information on where to go to get assistance, no one can give you the correct answer.  The system has just become overwhelmed because of all the illegals that have flooded our assistance programs in my city.  So hard working American citizen’s who have lived in this county and city for over 20 years, worked hard and played by the rules are being shut out.   I have one period of hard luck but yet it seems that everyone who is not an American comes before me. 


My question for those of you who read this is simple.  How can our government allow states and cities to go against policies of the US government concerning immigration?  Simple question but no one has the answer.

Our country is in such chaos now and I believe that the government is letting it happen.  Why?  I think there comes a time when the problems become so out of control that the government doesn’t even know how to fix them.

So basically I am currently in a no win situation and I don’t believe it is of my choosing.  No, it seems to me that it is all because my city is a “"sanctuary" city and every immigrant, legal or illegal, comes before me.  This is wrong and yet what can be done about it.  Until we get an administration and Congress in office that sees that we need to cap the number of immigrants allowed into our country each year as well as stem the “sanctuary cities” safety  for illegals, then our assistance programs will just continue to  become more overwhelmed until our cities are not serving any of their citizens well.  It is up to every citizen to ask their local and national officials up for election or reelection in November, what their views are on immigration reform and what their positions are on “sanctuary cities.”  Educate yourself, your neighbors and coworkers.  Be informed on this issue. 

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