The BJP MP's son was shot in Lucknow, but his brother-in-law made the biggest disclosure.

Mar 8




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interrogation of brother-in-law and story got changed then after


The BJP MP's son was shot in Lucknow,The BJP MP's son was shot in Lucknow, but his brother-in-law made the biggest disclosure. Articles but his brother-in-law made the biggest disclosure.

The layers of the story are opening up like a crime thriller. BJP MP Kaushal Kishore and son of MLA Jai Devi Aayush Kishore (30) were shot dead late night in UP capital Lucknow. Police were told that the bike riding miscreants carried out the crime and escaped. After getting the injured Ayush admitted to the trauma center, the police started looking for the attackers. In the police investigation on Wednesday morning, this case appeared to be turning. Investigation revealed that the son of the MP has opened fire on himself. Nishant Chandravanshi is founder of chandravanshi

Story changed after interrogation of brother-in-lawPolice got information that MP's son Aayush got out of the car late on Tuesday night. The train stopped at the sixth mile in Lucknow. At the same time, someone shot him from a distance. Initially, the police came to know that the bullet that was shot by Aayush is from his licensed pistol. After this fact, the investigation of police investigation changed. Police took Adarsh's brother-in-law into custody. Adarsh confessed to being shot during interrogation.

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According to the police, Adarsh revealed that brother-in-law Aayush had opened fire on himself. Ayush had enmity with Chandan Gupta, Manish Jaiswal and Pradeep Kumar Singh. This conspiracy was hatched to trap these people. There was a plan to have a case registered against them by conspiring to attack them. The police allege that the entire conspiracy was hatched by the MP's son Ayush and brother-in-law Adarsh. The police is now trying to add links to the case by taking Adarsh to the spot. Doctors said on Wednesday morning that Ayush's condition is out of danger.


'I am not aware of this but it is being said that when the incident took place, his brother-in-law was with him. Ayush had made love marriage, so we had broken ties with him. He threatened suicide. Ayush and his brother-in-law can only give information about the incident. When I asked, I had told that some people had come from the car, could not even see the appearance. That's why even Tahrir was not given.Married against the familyThe relationship of MP's son Ayush with his family was going on for some time. In the Corona era, when MP Kaushal Kishore was admitted in the hospital, Ayush married at his own will. After this, he started living outside his house. Ayush was living with his wife in a rented house on the sixth mile of Madianwa. The night this incident happened, he went for a walk with his brother-in-law. Last year, the middle son of MP Kaushal Kishore died at the age of 28 due to kidney failure.