The Superultramodern Universal Communism

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Some Background -

As long as there is ego there is badness,Guest Posting not in mere existence but prevailing goodness, often hidden inside the deceptive covers of apparent goodness.

Every man seeks pleasure and happiness. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. The point is what one has pleasure in.

The one who has pleasure in the welfare of others (only for the sake of the welfare of others) is a good person. And thus I am sure most of the men and women in the world are bad.

- Kedar Joshi

The Superultramodern Universal Communism (by Kedar Joshi) -

Why do we have law and order in our society/community ? Because we believe that everone's rights are equally important and not just one person's. So it is the community that is more important than a particular person. This means that according to our beliefs, in fact, it is communism ( in general, universal communism) that is correct, not capitalism. Capitalism is concerned with the welfare of an individual or a relatively small group of individuals, whereas universal communism is concerned with the welfare of the universal community. It is quite obvious that the later is morally good, not the former. At last, these are principles; how they are implemented is a different issue.

The community where communism thrives is a morally good community because to its people it is the welfare of the community as a whole that is more important than the welfare of an individual. This is the ideal and, as far as one has ego, shall never be realised (One is the same as ego, so impossible to realise.). Still it is better to tend to the ideal.

For barbarians even English capitalistic system (and its law and order), for example, is a form of communism. And to the ideal of universal communism I have mentioned, we are barbarians.

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