What Is Charisma?

Dec 29


Eduard Ezeanu

Eduard Ezeanu

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Charisma is one of the most sought after personality traits. Despite of this, few people understand what charisma actually is, which is what makes developing it even harder.


Charisma is a word we often use to describe people who have this powerful influence over how others feel and how they behave. They are the people with a special kind of personal magnetism which enriches their influence.

Over the years,What Is Charisma? Articles many people have been called charismatic, from historical figures such as Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King to movie and TV stars such as George Clooney or Oprah Winfrey.

These people may be very different in how they behave and what they do in their lives, but they all share the label of charismatic people. Furthermore, this trait has helped them all to achieve a high level of fame and success.

The variety of people who are considered charismatic makes this personality trait seem a very elusive one. Nevertheless, attempts have been made in the area of psychology to pin it down and define it accurately.

One of the most valuable discoveries is that charisma is not one single trait, but a constellation of emotional and social traits or skills. A combination of a number of these traits makes a person appear charismatic.

Right now there is no consent on what this set of traits is. One recent and credible theory developed by psychologists says that charisma is composed out of skills such as emotional expressiveness, emotional control, social expressiveness and social control. It is also closely associated with emotional intelligence.

The good news as that the better this elusive trait is understood, the more one can realize that it is not necessarily a given thing, something you either have or you don’t. This has been the preponderant view for many decades and it is now losing its popularity. 

Charisma can be developed by identifying and developing its underlying components. In other words, you can become more charismatic. It’s not an easy process; it takes time and consistent practice, but it can be dome.

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