5 trends In Future Children's Book Printing Industry

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When we focus on children’s book publishing industry, publishers facing many challenges in the future children’s book printing, following are key trends in future 10 years.

When we focus on children’s book publishing industry,Guest Posting publishers facing many challenges in the future children’s book printing, following are key trends in future 10 years.

With the improvement of people’s living level and early education awareness’s enhance. More and more parents are taking more attention to choose children’s book. When we select the books for our child, we are more tend to be safe, funny, green. So that our child can enjoy reading at a more safe and green space. Thus, the future children’s book printing will be focus on children’s health and attention.

1. Green printing ink

Using traditional ink to print children's books will generate a lot of pollution during the printing process. And will leave toxic gases on the children's books. Most of the children have bad reading habit, such as biting or tearing the book. When children biting or tearing the book. The toxic chemicals will enter children’s respiratory system. If things go on like this, the toxic gases will seriously harm children’s health.

Most of the parents, when they choosing children’s books for their children. They will more tend to the book printed by green printing ink. Soy ink is made with soybean oil, which is pure plant extract, without any toxic gases. Even children bite or tear the book, it will not harm their health. Since soy ink is a green printing ink. Thus, with green printing ink-soy ink will be a trend in the future children’s book printing.

2. sight-friendly printing paper

At present, most of the children’s book printing with coated paper. Because coated paper can better restore artwork color. Which makes the book look more bright, colorful and attractive. But here also have a problem. Although the coated paper is more bright and better restore color. But because of the high brightness, when children reading the book, it is easy to make them feel tired. Especially, because of due to light refraction, when the children for a long time read, it will hurt their eye.

Lightweight paper with the advantage of lower cost, sight-friendly, lightweight. Lightweight paper is not as brightness like coated paper. Use it to print children’s books. The color looks more natural and comfortable. Even the children for a long time reading,. It will not cause them visual fatigue and can better protect their eye. Due to lightweight, sight-friendly. More and more publisher are selecting it to use it to print children’s books. So it will be a trend in children’s book printing.

3. Eco-friendly finishing

When we print children’s book, to make it more texture and bright or with some functions. We will select some after-printing crafts to fulfill such effect. At present, most of children’s book with lamination on the surface, to make it with the function of waterproof,dustproof and more bright. Traditional lamination is the finishing process of laminate the surface of the printed matter. And then with a transparent plastic film by hot pressing. In the laminate process, it will produces pollution and toxic gases. When the children read the book, it will harm their health.

But water lamination finishing is not have such of problem. The water lamination method is to apply a layer of adhesive on the surface of the plastic film. When the adhesive is not dry, a pressure roller bonds it to the paper print to form a laminated product. Wet lamination with organic solvents it will not harm the environment and children’s health.

Except for water lamination, UV glazing and varnish finishing are also the eco-friendly finishing. They as well as will not produce the pollution and are more eco-friendly to our environment. Global warming and increased environmental awareness. Using eco-friendly finishing to print children’s book will be the trend.

4. Eco-friendly binding material

When we binding the children’s books, we often select EVA glue. Using such of glue to bind the children’s book, after heating, it will produce large amount of toxic gas. And it will interact with ink,releases toxic gases. During the process of reading, it will harm children’s health. Some children read the book will fall the book, it is easy to cause pages to fall off. PUR glue can prefect solve such of problems. PUR glue is a new type of eco-friendly and non-toxic glue. Which with the advantage of strong tear resistance, good durability. And after gluing, the book can open flat.

5. Books make children laugh

With the development of E-book, the traditional children’s book printing also facing many challenges.

A survey by Scholastic showed that nearly 50% of children who have read eBooks prefer to read printed books for fun. In the survey of Scholastic, 63% of children age of 6-17 are tend to the book make them laugh.

Future children’s book printing will be a trend of focus on safe, green reading and the books can make children laugh during reading.

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