A Summer at Mt. Tabor

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The hills and valleys of Mt. Tabor on a summer day can be a wonderful respite from city life in Bethany near Jerusalem. The parents had serious matters to attend to as they contemplated the aspirations of certain Roman agents including the Sanhedrin and Herod Antipas. Even the Temple priests had sold out to Caesar and his paladins. Time and politics weaved its magic over their lives but they had relatives and connections in other parts of the world including Rome. Joseph of Arimathaea was wealthy beyond belief but his corporate partners included some whose wealth was even greater than Solomon. He knew full well the nature of the Temple priests or Sanhedrin. He was on their Council. They often intermarried and had genetic and esoteric programs and rituals that went by many names in different lands.

The caves near Mt. Carmel and Mt. Tabor as well as many other spiritual places were not just the kinds of things that kids enjoyed. They had been important in the same way that cenotes and other caves have been all over the world for as long as man has been an animal.

“So what should we call you two guys in order not to have to say your whole names all the time?” Mary asked.

“J. A. will do for me.” Joseph of Arimathaea smiled at the women whose genes were the most desired in all their elite society that some call Pendragons or Dragons for short. He knew as well as anyone how important the Virgin Earth of her womb was.

“You honor me by taking the familiar rather than your respected name. It is you who have invited us to your fabulous estate and I who should take the less respectful name.”

“Your family is the most respected name in our whole big world. Just because you have less wealth in this generation does not change that fact. And besides when you hear the nature of why I respectfully wanted to ask you here,Guest Posting I think you will know it is I who am beholden to you both.”

“My Joseph is quite adept in ‘seeing’ the nature of things. He has already told me some things he thinks will be your purpose in these matters. I have prepared young Yeshua; though I have not been specific with him about it.” Mary noted with pride borne of having to defend her decision to marry a man whose wealth was far beneath her station.

“Unlike the fools in some circles; I have the greatest respect for the wisdom and adeptness of Joseph; I assure you dear lady. I am a student of the same system that the Greeks call Thoth/Hermes or what is called Imhotep/Asklepios. I would not have sent my daughter Mary to Alexandria for this schooling if that was not my inclination. I have not discouraged the attraction my daughter feels towards Yeshua despite the fact that she is a little older and one of the smartest and desirable women in all the land, for the reasons you note.”

“But we are preparing him to change the nature of the hegemony that includes the very rich. Yes, I know Seneca and others who are rich, also see that the elite can share their knowledge and position or power and the world can be a better place for it. Indeed I believe the elite would have more wealth if there were not so many Empires and intrigues. I had not heard you referred to with the likes of those Cynics Seneca is involved with.” Joseph remarked inquisitively.

“Lucius Annaeus Seneca is a young man whose renown is certainly growing in Rome. In fact I would love to introduce Yeshua to him. They are close to the same age. In my business operations I am seen as a shrewd bargainer but in my real life I am very much the kin of the Cynics you will find. I agree with you too. The rich need not be stripped of their wealth and they will have far more wealth if we could creatively utilize the fantastic opportunities and knowledge mankind has garnered over these many millennia. As we spend time together this summer I think you will see me for what I am.”

“We appreciate you letting all of our children come here. The burden of taking care of Joseph’s dead brother’s children makes it a little difficult to manage at times. We are very proud of James and his studies at Qumran are you aware of them too?” Mary asked respectfully. “It was also a great relief to us that Jesus was allowed to stay in your home in Marmorica when he was in Egypt on his travels there.”

“Yes, I am an occasional visitor there and to their other meeting places."
Joseph spoke with admiration evident. “You know we have taught Jesus more than just what the schools have knowledge about. My expertise in the code in Hebrew which relates to our ancestors sacerdotal knowledge is something he has a real penchant for.”

“Yes, it is obvious that his Hebrew has made his ability to ‘Unsheath his Soul’ better than any his age. So can I offer you some of the wine from our vineyard’s best harvest?”

“It is a little early in the afternoon for wine… But, sure… that would be nice on this occasion don’t you think Mary?”

“I think I’ll just have a citrus drink if you men are going to get drunk.” Mary chuckled. “You both know Jesus turns seventeen in a few months and he has been hanging out with the Zealots or Zadokites who are giving Rome something to worry about since he came back from Alexandria and his studies there. He tells me Mary is going to continue studying there with the Therapeutae and might take a look into the Pythagorean approaches and he wants to be near her. I think they should not be thinking of having a family or getting married yet but I don’t necessarily think they should be apart. Do we have some way of making it so they won’t have a child if they do what comes naturally?”

“Yes, there are herbs as well as astrological methods to make sure of that which I know work.” J. A. remarked. “I have made these things fully known to Mary so you need not be concerned my dear.”

“His involvement with what some call bandits or zealots is totally OK with me, except I would not want him to take any risks which might end his life.” Joseph thoughtfully commented. “I think we need to listen to what J. A. has to say about why he called us here.”

“Yes, I see you both are pretty much up to speed on what I am concerned about too. I want to fund the remainder of Jesus’ learning and I want to take them both to Cornwall with me at the end of the summer so they can learn in my favorite Celtic area where I do a lot of business. I have not raised this suggestion with Mary my daughter as yet.”

“I hear they have the best bards and orators. I am sure Jesus would love to spend a winter there with Mary and yourself. That would be wonderful!” Mary enthused. “It certainly will take him out of harm’s way. That is not to suggest that Empire builders aren’t at work in the Blessed Isles. Will they get to go to Eire and see Tara as well as Stonehenge? What about Carnac, he has already seen Karnac.”

Joseph stood and walked onto the porch with his wine while J. A. and his wife continued to plan how to make the kids aware of their plans. He felt very relieved that Jesus was to have such an excellent wife too. It was his greatest joy in life to have had someone who really shared what he knew was important. He wondered if Jesus and Mary were in the caves and whether or not it would be OK to just share his sense of completion or fulfillment with them. He also wondered what rituals he, Mary and J. A. might end up doing in those caves or elsewhere during the time they were going to have together. It was obvious they were to become more than just friends.

He saw them coming a long way off. He saw Jesus start running all of a sudden and Mary chasing after him. It was a glorious time in all their lives. He suspected that both these kids had made plans just like their parents were doing a long time ago and watched to make sure they were running to come and join their parents. Maybe they had been ritually ‘listening in’ through the astral arts. When he was sure they were coming home Joseph went back inside.

“The kids will be here shortly. What are we going to do to avoid the use of the name Mary for both of you?”

“I guess we could call my Mary by the name Magdalene. There are lots of Marys and she has been called that by other kids who include many named Mary.” J. A. said as he rose to hug his daughter as she came running into the house a little winded. “Since when do young ladies run after boys?” He kidded.

“Oh, he thinks he is such a smart guy just cause he was able to summon an angel through the Gematria or Hebrew alphabet even while I watched. I had to show him I can still run as fast as he can.”

“I beat you.”

“Yes, and you got a head start too.” The Magdalene said as she pushed him lovingly.

“After Ruth serves us our dinner why don’t you show me how you summon angels, Jesus? Or should I call you Yeshua?”

“You can call me Jesus if you want. There are some of my friends like Judas who insist I am even The Chriost. I have a hard time with that but I can accept Iesa or Jesus because I am all for promoting ‘The Brotherhood of Man’. But I’d rather not do the summoning thing twice in one day. Maybe I can do that in a couple of days and make it really special. If I fast for a day and have a bath just before doing it and there is some music while I am lingering in the water I find it is more powerful.”

“I too summon angels or the ‘One’. I know most people who are learned are adept at this but Magdalene tells me you are the best. I know what you mean about fasting first too. We shall wait until you feel moved to do your best.”

“It won’t be more than a couple of days. I shall fast tomorrow. I am very good at it and I don’t need to fast for a week like James does to get his best result. But I don’t want to be seen as showing off so I’d like it to be just you guys if you don’t mind.”

Later that week as the sun went down after dinner and some friends went home after a little music they had gathered to play was over, Jesus, Magdalene and their parents gathered in the garden courtyard to watch Jesus. A modern scholar by the name of Daniel Matt provides us with this description of the process. There are forms of meditation in every culture and concept of man and his relationship with the soul. Many of them have little to do with symbols or intellectual processes such as Mr. Matt provides in what follows. This particular ritual is contentious to some because it mentions the feminine aspect that is incorporated into the ancient knowledge of the Sphinx and was obliterated for many millennia by the Jehovah promoters who wanted men to dominate. The Shekhinah were once female goddesses in the Judaic religious complex. Our 'feminine' soul, can open doors to major insights beyond the intellectual or social conventions.

PREPARE to meet your God. Prepare to devote your heart. Purify your body and select a special place where no one else in the world can hear your voice. Be totally alone. Sit in one spot in the room or the loft, and do not reveal your secret to anyone. If you can, do this by day, even for a little while, but the best way is to do it at night {Melatonin production increases at night-thus 'night-worker' is the meaning of melatonin.}. As you prepare to speak with your Creator, to seek the revelation of his power, be careful to empty your mind of all mundane vanities. Wrap yourself in your 'tallit' and put 'tefillin' on your head so that you will be filled with the awe of Shekhinah, who is with you at this moment. Wear clean garments, all white if you can. All this helps immensely in focussing your awe and love. If it is night, light many candles until your eyes shine brightly.

Then take hold of ink, pen and tablet. Realize that you are about to serve your God in joy. Begin to combine letters, a few or many, permuting and revolving them {This would be good training for people early in life and getting to know new languages.} rapidly until your mind warms up. Delight in how they move and in what you generate by revolving them. When you feel within that your mind is very, very warm from combining the letters and that through the combination you understand new things that you have not attained by human tradition nor discovered on your own through mental reflection, then you are ready to receive the abundant flow, and the abundance flows upon you, arousing you again and again.

Now turn your thoughts to visualizing the Name and its supernal angels, imagining them as if they were human beings standing or sitting around you, with you in the middle like a messenger about to be sent on a royal mission, waiting to hear about it from their lips, either from the king himself or from one of his ministers. Having imagined {N.B.} this vividly, prepare your mind and heart to understand the many things about to be conveyed to you by the letters being contemplated within you. Meditate on them as a whole and in all their detail, like one to whom a parable, a riddle, or a dream is being told, or like one perusing a book of wisdom, pondering a passage beyond his grasp. Interpret what you hear in an uplifting manner, approximating it as best you can {Chant}. Based on what you understand of it, evaluate yourself and others. All this will happen after you fling the tablet from your hands and the pen from your fingers, or after they fall by themselves due to the intensity of your thoughts.

Realize that the stronger the mental flow, the weaker become your limbs and organs. Your entire body will begin to tremble violently. You will think that you are about to die because your soul, overjoyed at what she {N.B.} has attained, will depart from your body. Consciously choose death over life, knowing that such death affects only the body and that thereby the soul lives eternally. Then you will know that you are capable of receiving the flow. If you then wish to honor the glorious NAME by serving it with the life of body and soul, hide your face, fear to gaze at God, and come no closer, like Moses at the burning bush. Return to the physical dimension, rise, eat and drink a little, inhale a fragrant aroma. Return your spirit to its sheath until another time. Rejoice in what you have, and know that God loves you.” (1)

Visualizing the colours of the light and breathing from Yogic disciplines is a much more commonly thought of meditation. There are as many ways to meditate as there are trees in the forest. Each one is different if only by the fact of each person being different.

When Jesus was through with amazing them all it was J. A. who spoke first. “That was better than any I have witnessed or heard about. I felt the presence of the ‘One’. Are you absolutely sure you are not The Chriost?”

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