Condemming Sin in the Flesh,The Other Side Of Jesus.

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Romans 8:1-8:22

Condemning Sin in the Flesh ,The other side of Jesus. There has been a lot of controversy over what a Christian is supposed to do to convey the teachings of Jesus to the lost and unruelly in the world.

We have been told here lately that we must be more tolerant and kind and submissive to other points of view. We are told and condemned ourselves over specific issues that have affected the Nation,Guest Posting region, local people and the Church as a whole. We have been subjected to anti-Christian points of view, where the world is now calling good evil and evil good. Do we as Christians judge others, No. We condemn sin in the flesh as scripture instructed us to. If we as Christians and ministers of the word don’t live up to the expectations of God to deliver the truth to a lost and dieing world, who then will? The opposition to the truth speaks of My Lord, Jesus only as the Christ of Love and understanding, but they ignore the other side of The Son of God. Jesus, the Ruler, Conquior, Debater, The Angel of Truth, Fighter of Unrighteousness, and the Rebuker of Sin and corruption. They ignore Jesus the Warier and punisher of evil, the destroyer of the anti Christ, false prophet and beast. Jesus came to this world as a Lamb, the next time He will not come submissive or tame, He will not come as a Baby in swaddling clothing, He will not come in a manger, He will not come in piece, but He will come as the Avenging Angel of Revelations. With Power and Great Glory. The Glory that He had prior to Bethlehem. With Power and Great Glory, a warier of renound, a warier of Righteousness, a warier, with the backing of the Father and Power of the Holy Ghost. Will there be faith on the earth when He returns? A question that we all should ask ourselves. Will there be men and women of integrity and morals on this planet of sin? Mel Gibson produced a film of extraordinary quality of the murder of Jesus; maybe He should also make a film based on the return of our savior at Armageddon. True, Jesus died for our sins, but we as Christians, no longer serve a, suffering, dieing Messiah (Hebrew), we serve the risen, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, The reigning King Jesus, alive and well, sitting on the right hand of Power. We serve the one, whose vesture is dipped in blood, riding a white stallion, weal-ding the sword of the Lord God Almighty. Who shall return with our Lord at the time of His Victory, will it be of those that stood the greatest test of faith in this life, will it be those of great courage in times of adversity? The Bible doesn’t state, but I pray that some of us today, in this time, in this era of global change, are found worthy to ride with Him, whose coming will mark, the end of sin and corruption. The survival of mans soul is at stake, the future of our loved ones and enemies is at a turning point. The spirit of anti-Christ is abounding every where, nation to nation, in our schools, government, politics, neighborhoods, there’s no where you can go without hearing anti Christian, anti Jewish comments. Can this world last much longer, have we become so lax in our studies that we can discern the signs of the seasons but miss the signs of the times? Romans 8; 16, should give us all a reason and a passion to fulfill the commission that Jesus left to us. “ The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” We are not hear on this earth to make a name for ourselves, but we are hear to make the name of Jesus, stand out to the world and herald a new age to come, where all sin and unrighteousness, will be defeated forever. “ For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” Rom.8; 14. So let us all rejoice in the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry Abba, Father, we are who we are by the grace of God. Hold on Children, for our redeemer still liveth and shall return to deliver us from the destruction to come. Glory be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen. References Romans 8:1-22, Revelations, the battle of Armageddon.

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