Did God Know Thath Adam and Eve Would Sin?

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It is becoming increasingly common for people do adhere to the idea that God either did not know Adam would sin or made the choice not to know that Adam would sin in order to "protect" God from accusations of being unfair or unloving. After all,Guest Posting why would an all-knowing God tell Adam not to eat of a certain tree if He knew that in the end he would eat of the tree? This is a very common question with relation to Adam and the first sin. We must first examine what the Bible has to say and use that as the final authority on the matter rather than our own ideas and wishes.

It is made abundantly clear all throughout the Bible that God knows all things and has created all things for a specific purpose. As we read in Isaiah Chapter 46 verse 10: "I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please." In order to be able to declare the end from the beginning, you must also have declared everything in between. After all, if you do not declare what happens in the middle how is there any guarantee that you will reach the end that you desire?

Likewise, it is almost absurd to suggest that God did not know that Adam would sin. He is God, after all, and has perfect knowledge of all things. Why would God have created Adam if He knew Adam would sin, then? Surely God did so because God had a purpose in doing so. As with all evil and sin having purpose, so too did the first sin of Adam have a purpose. We dare not say that God created all things knowing that Evil would exist but created such evil without any purpose at all.

If Adam had never sinned, there would be no need for the death of Christ. Jesus Christ is described as being the lamb slain from before the foundation of the world. In the book of Acts we read that the crucifixion was predestined by the hand and purpose of God. It was not just an afterthought used to clean up an unforeseen "mess." All throughout the Bible we can see things fitting together affirming the idea that God has indeed declared the end from the beginning and that He is doing all his pleasure.

Another common argument is the idea that God chose not to know that Adam would sin. In other words, God has the ability to know all things if he wanted to, but chooses at times not to exercise this power. This is a very poor argument. There are only two possibilities. Either God knows everything or God knows nothing. There is no in between or selective knowledge on God's part. After all, how can God choose not to know about something without first knowing about that which he is choosing not to know about? That statement seems very confusing at first, but thinking on it for a brief moment will surely expose this argument.

In summary, the Bible makes it very clear that God knows all things and has created all things with a purpose. Everything that takes place in time (including the first sin of Adam) had, has and will have an ultimate purpose. God declared the end from the beginning, it is as simple as that.

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