The Masonic Lodge Initiation: Freemasons Initiation Ceremony Overview

Apr 22


Karen Winton

Karen Winton

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Before becoming a certified member of Freemasonry, individuals have to undergo Masonic lodge initiation. Remember that the Freemasons initiation ceremony must not only be performed -- one also has to know the meaning of each and every step of the Masonic initiation.

Some Masonic members may have been pressured to join the Lodge e.g. because their fathers and grandfathers are members,The Masonic Lodge Initiation: Freemasons Initiation Ceremony Overview Articles because most of their friends belong to the society, etc. Some people, on the other hand, see Freemasonry as a good way of expanding or starting a desired business. Others, however, are mainly curious about the secrets of the brotherhood, which is why they chose to take part in the Masonic initiation.

Becoming a mason actually starts at what Freemasons call as 'The Blue Lodge'. Though there are many lodges out there, every member starts his journey in 'The Blue Lodge', where Masonic lodge initiation is first performed. A new member will go through the 1st degree of initiation or the 'Entered Apprentice' degree. The next degree is called the 'Fellowcraft Degree'. The third degree of the Freemasons initiation ceremony is called the 'Master Mason' degree.

The Masonic Initiation Rituals

The mildest level of Masonic lodge initiation is said to be held at the Blue Lodge. Among the very first ceremonies an individual has to go through in order to become a mason is the so called Cable Tow ritual.

In the said ceremony, the initiate first has to take off his tie, his jacket, and also take out any jewelry, metal, or money that he has. His left leg trousers are also rolled up to his knees, and his shirt is open in a way that exposes his breast, while the initiate's right shoe is removed and replaced with a slipper.

Part of the Freemasons initiation ceremony is to have the initiate blindfolded with a noose placed around the neck, thus, the term 'Cable Tow' was coined. The initiate is then led by the noose to the Lodge's outer door. The said ritual actually signifies that a person who is not a mason and who does not know the secrets of the brotherhood is in darkness; Once a person joins masonry, however, he will gain the knowledge that will bring him into the light.

Another Masonic lodge initiation ritual is for the wannabe mason to perform a blood initiation oath. The said oath actually requires the person to place his hand or his thumb over his throat, while he is asked to repeat an oath that reiterates the importance of understanding and maintaining the secrets of the brotherhood, as not doing so will usually result to serious harm to the new mason.

The Masonic initiation has so many ceremonies and steps that one has to complete in order to become a certified freemason. The Masonic lodge initiation also symbolizes most of the beliefs of the said secret society -- belief in God, demonstration of equality and liberty, and so on. Passing the Freemasons initiation ceremony means that you are given the responsibility of keeping the secrets of the brotherhood, and, of course, living by those secrets in the hope of making the world a better place; a place that is full of light and a place where darkness has no room.

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