Basic Safety Tips for Machine Tool operators

Jan 4


Sonu Ahir

Sonu Ahir

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Basic Safety Tips for Machine Tool operators


The importance of safety is always underestimated in the workplace. Tragic accidents are happening at many workplaces on regular basis,Basic Safety Tips for Machine Tool operators Articles so the need for adopting strict safety measures is critical.  At US Shop Tools, we take extreme care and precautions to maintain the safety of our employees.

In this article, we will discuss the basic safety tips for machine tool operators.  If you work in a place with machine tools, metalworking supplies, and metalworking supplies then you are aware these tools are large & heavy that can cause severe damage so proper precaution should be taken.

Here are some basic safety tips-

Thorough Training

Every machine tool is unique and specific training is required to gain an understanding of its features. The latest user-friendly machine technologies also require a specific skill set to understand the specifications & successfully install & operate the equipment.

Don’t remove the machine guards or operate the machine with doors open

There are high chances of accidents when an operator reaches into a machine to remove a jam of chips or make an effort to remove or reposition the cutting tool or workpiece. The tools designed at US Shop Tools such as Lathe or Mill Work holding, Tool Holding, Cutting tools, Measuring Tools, Abrasives, Materials and Shop Supplies are designed & manufactured with all security measures and protective guards.

Regular maintenance of machinery equipment

A regular maintenance schedule is required to keep machine tools operating at high performance in aspects of both productivity and safety. We follow a regular maintenance schedule for machinery & equipment as well.

 It should be compulsory to wear PPE

The employees should wear personal protective equipment all the time. This includes helmets, goggles, footwear, clothing, and other necessary equipment.

Avoid using defective tools

Never use blunt, cracked, chipped, or broken tools while working.

Remove all the guards only when the machine is locked out.

Never remove the guards until and unless the machine doesn’t stop working completely. Because it might happen that the parts might be moving even after the machine stops working.

Never wear loose clothing

Avoid wearing loose clothing, jewelry, or long hair while working with machines. These can increase the risk of getting caught in the machinery.

It is extremely important to follow safety measures to protect the lives of machine tool operators. At US Shop Tools, our employees are our first priority. We ensure all the safety & precautionary measures are followed compulsorily.

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