Beautifully Beaded Mermaid Bridal Dress Called Gemeni

Nov 23


Winnie Couture

Winnie Couture

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Beautifully Beaded Mermaid Bridal Dress by Winnie Couture


Beautifully Beaded Mermaid Bridal Dress Called Gemeni

It is hard to choose just one gown,Beautifully Beaded Mermaid Bridal Dress Called Gemeni Articles as each day I find a new reason to like them more and more. I find that to be the most rewarding part about this career. Each bride is so different from the next and they look at each dress with different eyes. I am constantly learning new things to love about wedding dresses. You can overlook a gown a dozen times but when the right bride chooses to try it on, you can see it differently. I think a gown that has constantly impressed me and brides is Gemeni. It is rare for a bride not to look great while wearing Gemeni. They just light up the moment they see themselves in her. I love seeing that reaction and confidence exude from the bride. 



Gemeni on the Hanger: Gemeni is a beautifully beaded mermaid gown with a fun dramatic textured skirt. The beading is composed of Swarovski crystals. We all love the look of an off the shoulder gown but hate the restriction that it causes. Winnie has found the perfect compromise and made detachable Swarovski beaded cuffs. This gives you the option to have the look of an off the shoulder and then remove it when you want more freedom to raise the roof. ‰

Gemeni on the Bride: Gemeni is perfect at showcasing a bride's curves or giving a less curvy bride the illusion of an hourglass figure. This is all strategically done by the way the beading is designed. How it curves around the hip and bust line. Even if the bride is petite the beading gives the illusion of length by being heavier on top and then vertically thinning out. The sweetheart neckline is very flattering and showcases the clavicles. For a more romantic feel, the detachable Swarovski beading cuff is a perfect addition. And of course the train! It is so dramatic and the way the tulle is textured makes it look like you're on a cloud.It is so effortlessly breath-taking as you walk down the aisle. You may think this is a high maintenance train but on the contrary it is very easy. The weight and the texture of the train help keep it extended and looking glamorous. 

Gemeni as the Favorite:

This beautiful wedding dress is a showstopper! (No matter what lighting you are in you will sparkle. Gemeni brings out a bride's confidence and reinforces that this is her big day. When wearing this wedding dress she feels sexy, sophisticated and stunning. Not to mention comfortable. With the internal boning she knows she can eat at her wedding and still maintain the tiniest waist. Also, with the built-in bra band, she knows her strapless gown is not going to falter and she can dance the night away. ƒ





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