Buy Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Online

Dec 18


Jack Chen

Jack Chen

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Buy Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Online. Guide to buy cheap Galaxy S3 Mini online.


Buy Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini online. Best Samsung Galaxy S III Mini sales & deals online.


The Galaxy S3 Mini is exactly what the name suggests - a smaller version of the S3 with the same design,Buy Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Online Articles button layout, thin profile and light weight.


Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Overall, the S3 Mini is a very likable handset. It looks stylish, is slick and smooth to use and runs the latest version of Android. Unlike the S3 however, it doesn’t crush all the similarly priced competition that went before it with its sheer weight of features.


Cheap Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. At 111.5g, the S3 Mini is half a gram lighter than the iPhone 5, which also sports a 4in display. At 9.9mm the Samsung is noticeably thicker than the 7.6mm iPhone and, strangely, the 8.6mm Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is by no means a bad phone. It is competent in virtually every area and impresses where battery life and portability are concerned, plus the sleek and curvy design is sure to strike a chord with fashion-conscious consumers.


The handset successfully captures some of the best features of its bigger brother, but with a price tag of around £300, it might be a hard sell. If you shop around, it is possible to find the full-fat Samsung Galaxy S3 for little more than this, and it's a vastly superior phone.

The S3 Mini's footprint measures 122 x 63mm, compared to the iPhone 5's taller-but-thinner 124 x 59mm. There's also a link to the full Settings application and a slider to adjust the screen brightness - bizarrely, Samsung has removed the auto screen brightness function for the S3 Mini, so you'll have to adjust it yourself if you want to get the most out of the battery.

The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is surprisingly good. Although it packs a not so great 1,500mAh battery, the handset's downsized processor and Samsung's battery-saving software tweaks make for good battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini boasts some reasonably impressive specs for a mid-range piece of hardware. With a dual-core 1GHz processor and Google's Jelly Bean operating system on board, it's capable of holding its own against its competitors at this end of the spectrum, with the notable exception of the quad-core packing LG Nexus 4. 

Impressively, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini arrives running Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile operating system. Of course, this comes skinned in Samsung's Touchwiz user interface, giving the phone many of the features found on the original Galaxy S3.

Due to its diminutive dimensions, the S3 Mini is actually more comfortable to hold than its big brother and the small screen means it's easier to use with only one available thumb too. It feels light in the hand, which isn’t surprising when you find out it weighs just under 112g.

The phone is available with either 8 or 16GB of storage for media and files. Fortunately the phone does have a microSD card slot, allowing you to expand storage by up to 32GB.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini comes with an advantage over other mid-range devices, since it has a removable battery cover, the Google Nexus 4 being the most notable exception.

One of the secrets of Samsung's success has to be the quality of its devices, but another is that it has targeted every corner of the market. The Samsung Galaxy range has hit every price point, from the super-budget Galaxy Y to the highest end phablet Galaxy Note 2, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini here falls somewhere in the middle.

The Mini's display is very bright though, and can produce extremely deep black levels. As with a lot of AMOLED screens however, its whites have a blue-ish tinge to them and colours on the whole look a little bit over-saturated. Some people will actually prefer this, but others will feel it lacks the natural look of the best TFT screens.