Developing Telemarketing Success – Script Based or Free Flowing?

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There is a great deal of debate among appointment setters about which particular telemarketing approach works best: script-based or a free-flowing presentation.

Some staunchly defend their position that a script-based approach to telemarketing is better than a free flowing presentation. On the other side,Guest Posting some say it is the free flowing presentation and still others take a safer position by saying it’s both.

Let’s take a closer look and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each:



1. It offers the appointment setter a comprehensive, organized and thorough presentation making sure that all details of the product or service offering is covered thereby minimizing the opportunity for objections.2. It allows the appointment setter to increase the number of prospect calls, one after another. Repetition breeds mastery and efficiency and more calls means better chances of closing appointments.3. It greatly helps and assists new appointment setters in the job.

Disadvantages / Challenges

1. The down side to this approach is that the message and content of the presentation is “canned” and may disrupt the appointment setter’s presentation should the prospect raise issues and concerns while the presentation is on-going. It may be a challenge to recall where he was in the presentation before the issue or concern was raised.2. It is a one-way form of communication that does not promote an open discussion or dialogue with the prospect that can lead to decreased levels of interest.3. The approach is routine oriented, it is like doing things out of a sense of duty and sacrifice rather than making use of the appointment setter’s talent, creativity and flexibility.



1. This approach addresses the issues and concerns of the prospect directly.2. It allows for a two-way communication process with both the appointment setter and the prospect responding aptly at the right time and with the right information.

Disadvantages / Challenges

1. May lack organization in the presentation and in the process omit significant information that is important in closing the appointment.2. It requires complete mastery of the subject matter - the product or service offered.3. It requires excellent communication skills and perhaps and a good personality to match that only a seasoned appointment setter veteran would be able to provide.

Given the advantages and disadvantages / challenges for the script-based and free flow approaches mentioned have you made a decision which one really works best?

The choice of whether a script-based or free flow approach as the most ideal and appropriate approach to telemarketing is not an issue of convenience to the appointment setter but rather the adoption of a strategy that is suited to the product or service offer and the stages of relationship that exist between the appointment setter and the prospect.

Let me emphasize the fact that the primary consideration for the best telemarketing approach relies more on the product and / or service offering that is directed towards a chosen strategy, and in line with the stages of relationship the appointment setter has with the prospect.

The fact is, there are several other approaches that can be used to achieve telemarketing success. We will discuss telemarketing strategies and customer relationship in the next article to help us determine the best approach.

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