Recognizing Quality Neckwear

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A shopper in search of high quality neckties will find a wide range of options available. From cheap ties under $10 to luxury neck ties upwards of $300, the price can vary dramatically, but a savvy consumer can spot the elements of well-made, great neckwear regardless of the price tag.

Price is not the sole indicator of quality. You may find a high quality necktie at a secondhand store,Guest Posting while a more expensive tie may not necessarily be a very good tie. Some of the main differences that set qualities neckties apart lie in the feel and appearance of the fabric and the quality of the craftsmanship.

Quality Fabric

Silk is typically the go-to fabric for excellent neck wear, but not all silk is created equal. Tighter, heavier fabric will assure that the tie hangs, or drapes, well. For the finest neckties, 6 ply silk is recommended, which indicates a higher thread count and therefore a better drape.  Both the weight and the texture of the tie can indicate its quality. Quality ties will feel smooth but not stiff, yet weighty and thick to the touch. To test quality, try scrunching the fabric to see if it will recover quickly. If the wrinkles disappear quickly and the tie returns to its form after being scrunched or pulled, that’s another sign of good tie fabric.

 The fabric of the lining is important as well. The gold standard is 100% wool lining, which contributes again to the tie hanging neatly, knotting attractively, and keeping its shape. Finally, look for ties that are comprised of three separate fabric pieces rather than just two.

Quality Craftsmanship

Once the fabric is determined to be excellent, the craftsmanship must be examined. Many experts recommend holding a tie up by the narrow end. If it hangs straight, rather than twisting or curling, that’s one sign of quality necktie craftsmanship. It means that the fabric was cut on the bias correctly and that the tie will hang straight when worn.

Hand-stitched ties offer the highest standard, and there are a few things that may indicate a handmade tie. First, look for a bar tack, which is found on the back of most great neckwear.  It is a small horizontal stitch found above the wide tip where the two sides come together. This stitch helps the tie keep its shape. A slip stitch also indicates handcrafted quality, and can also be found on the back of a tie. This vertical, loose thread provides the tie with some give and flexibility.

A higher number of folds, such as seven fold ties, may also be an indicator of quality. The fold number indicates how many times the fabric has been folded over on itself, and the more folds, the greater the tie’s thickness and weight. Of course, a general look for things like loose threads, uneven seams, and lumps or bulges can help avoid a low-quality tie.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Neck Ties

Now that you can recognize a quality necktie, why should you purchase one? First, excellent ties will likely last longer. A good dark solid tie, such as a black tie or blue tie will not go out of style, so why not invest in one that will look great for years? Second, quality neckwear looks great. It is less likely to wrinkle or hang awkwardly, and the knots will appear crisp and sharp every time the tie is tied. Colleagues knowledgeable about good ties will notice the indicators of poor or good quality ties, so well-made tie is an investment in your image.

Remember, price doesn’t necessarily indicate quality, so your necktie know-how could help you recognize a bargain or avoid a rip-off. For example, some great online websites offer handmade, quality ties for only $15 and these websites have been receiving rave reviews and endorsements. On the other hand, an expensive tie claiming to be seven fold 100% silk may lack many of the quality indicators discussed above. With your knowledge of quality neck ties, you can make a wise selection.

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