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You'll get more out of this article, if you SEE what ... about. So, 1) Go to ... a free copy of ... Flash Player 5.02) Then view these four flash prese

You'll get more out of this article,Guest Posting if you SEE what I'm
talking about. So,

1) Go to
for a free copy of Macromedia Flash Player 5.0

2) Then view these four flash presentations:

3) Look carefully at your own website.

It's now time to dig into this article.

Marketing Is About Breaking Through The "Blase Barrier":
Flash Does Just That

I've asked you to take a good long look at your own
website at the same time you're looking at some of the
hottest flash productions created by Worldprofit Design
Services for a reason.

Because flash is so new, I know the chances are that you
don't currently have flash on your website. When flash
didn't exist that didn't matter. Nobody had it. But now
it most assuredly does matter. You see, flash has changed
the online marketing game altogether.

As a marketer, I have spent the last 25 years of my
life working to solve one essential problem: how to break
through to the prospects, getting them to sit up,
take notice, and RESPOND!

That's all marketing is ever about. The objective
never changes, but the means constantly do.

Flash is now the hottest way online of delivering a
dramatic, enthralling, captivating, energizing and
motivating client-centered message.

When you take a look at a standard, stationary,
non-moving website and a site using flash, there's
just no comparison. Flash blows the old-time
stationary site away.

Think for a minute.

Consider the "fighter combat" illustration above.

What will move more people to fill out the form and notify
advertiser Air Combat Canada that they're interested in
taking a wild ride through the wide-blue yonder?

A non-moving site with information?

Or a flash site that picks you up, lifts you off your
feet, and engages with your brain to generate a feeling
of excitement and action?

There's just no comparison!

But, you say, I sell widgits that are just not as
interesting as a 500-mile-per-hour jet flight with
dogfight. Is flash for me?

You betcha!

Say you're selling garden tools. You'd think there was
nothing less interesting in the world than a shovel, a
rake and a hoe, right?

Well, flash can take even the most mundane instruments
and turn them into an eye-catching, hearting-pounding

Flash can make plants grow right before your eyes!

Can make garden tools become the instruments that move
the world!

Can turn, in short, a garden-variety experience into

Friend, no stationary site can do that. Period. Not

Flash Is Composed Of Three Elements: Worldprofit Design
Services Is The Master Of All Three

Flash is composed of three essential parts:

* copy
* music
* graphics.

Each one must work to produce the desired results.

As you may know, I wrote many years ago a book which has become
the bible of copywriting. It's called "Cash Copy: How To Offer
Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them.. NOW!"
(Details at

This book is based on the revolutionary principle that
everything you send to a prospect must be about that prospect...
not about you.

I have now applied these principles to the creation of flash
presentations. Yes, I write many of them myself. (You can
see more of my work at

The point is a flash presentation must be a customer-centered
presentation. It must be about the customer, appeal to the
customer, motivate the customer to ACT NOW!

One big advantage of flash is that is gets people engaged,
draws them into the presentation and so effectively dissolves
the usual blase and customer barriers that the prospect is
more than happy do what you want: click here for more
details, fill out this form providing you with all the
information you need about the prospect, even BUY NOW!

Flash without cash copy is like an automobile without
wheels: it just won't run. But flash with cash copy is like
a projectile sent at the speed of light: it's going to
crash through prospect barriers and get that prospect to
MOVE! (That's one reason why I wanted you to SEE some
flash presentations before you read this article and to
compare them your current non-flash, non-mobile,
completely stationary and unmotivating site.)

-- Music

Did you listen to the music in the flash presentations I
asked you to review? Maybe not consciously but your brain
and body certainly felt it!

Flash music is a minor art form all its own. But to a
marketer, someone in the business of motivating people to
act, it's most important.

The music, of course, must be allied to both the images
and the words. It must do its bit to move the prospect
in the desired direction: TO ACT NOW!

It needs to have a beat! Be pulsating! Energizing!
Help catch the prospect up in the experience of what that
prospect is watching... while never losing sight of the
ultimate objective: GETTING THAT PROSPECT TO ACT.

The flash examples above all use this kind of music. Indeed,
such music is the hallmark of a Worldprofit flash

But I can tell you this: even if we were asked to sell the
most sedate product imaginable, we go out of our way to
find just the right music, the motivating music, the
thrilling, exciting, energizing music. And we'd find it,

-- Graphics

The word "flash" comes from the graphics which are used.
These graphics (evolving rapidly even at this moment)
focus on movement. The job of flash overall is to motivate
a prospect to take action. The job of the graphics
specifically is to make this happen as soon as possible.

You will notice that flash graphics are always MOVING.
There is nothing immobile about the graphics. THEY ARE
ACTIVE! Just the way you want your prospect to be!

See how the graphics in the above presentations MOVE THE
MESSAGE! We work with the advertiser to make sure both
that we know the message and that the advertiser is clear on
which message he wants disseminated. Then the graphics
are very carefully linked to the message to deliver the
advertiser's knock-out punch. The music is then selected
to accentuate that message and to provide further prospect

What you're seeing when you see flash graphics is a
fast-moving vehicle with a definite destination: moving
the prospect to act, moving the prospect to do what the

Worldprofit Design Services: The Pick Of The Litter

Flash graphics are so new you may even have known about them
before reading this article. There are, right now, very
few design establishments on earth which can use flash, much
less harness all three essential elements -- words, music
and graphics -- to create the knock-out presentation that
moves mountains -- and prospects! Fortunately, Worldprofit
Design Services is one of them.

Worldprofit Design Services is a key division of Worldprofit,
Inc., online at since 1994.

Since then our job has been to select the best and brightest
technicians and web designers to utilize state-of-the-art
technology in the service of a single objective: making your
online business more profitable.

We early became aware that flash constituted cutting edge
marketing. As such we made it a point to both hire and
train our designers in this very specialized form of
graphic marketing. The result is the kind of superior
work showcased above and unrivaled corporate expertise
in this vital area.

What's It All Cost?

By now, you already know you want flash on your site.

Around the office we have a saying, "See flash. Want flash."
Frankly, it's just as simple as that.

Once people compare what they've got to the client-centered
brilliance of flash, THEY WANT FLASH!

I'm sure you want it, too.

But what, you want to know, does it all cost?

Here Worldprofit shines.

Worldprofit, Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in Edmonton,

Why are we there? Because it costs only a fraction to run an
Internet business in Canada of what that same business would
cost in the United States.

Yet the quality of the workforce, their level of education
and sophistication and their work habits and poise with
dealing with customers are superior.

In short, you get as good or better a work product in Edmonton
as you get in New York or Los Angeles but at a dramatically lower

Again, I invite you to review the flash examples cited above to
see for yourself.

What's more because Worldprofit aims to become the planetary
leader in flash production, we are hungry for projects which will
allow our young, bright, talented, ingenious designers to
showcase what they're capable of. Worldprofit has a mission and
to achieve it we need to do not merely good but superlative
work on your flash presentation.

Even more, because we promote our work worldwide you will get
the benefits of having your flash presentation showcased and
marketed by us, just as the advertisers who commissioned the
above flash presentations are benefiting by being included
in this article, which will no doubt generate business for them!

Yes, we will take the expert work we do for you and
let the world know about it -- thereby benefiting us both!

What Are You Waiting For?

Unless the blood runs thin in your veins, you've been motivated
by the flash presentations you've seen in this article. Equally,
in your heart of hearts, you know that your current, immobile,
stationary site is not as remotely comparable or motivating as
what you've seen today.

So, what's it to be? Sit there and let yourself and your non-
moving site become completely outmoded while smart people
worldwide work with us -- with me -- to get a flash presentation
which blows the competition away? Or will you act -- right this
minute -- to see what we at Worldprofit Design Services can do
for you, the flash we can create for you?

If you're ready to engage your prospects and get them to ACT
now, we're standing by to help you do it with a cutting-edge
client-centered flash presentation.

Just w/
"I want a flash presentation now!" in the subject.

Include your
company name
what you sell
current site URL and

We're standing by to help you right now, to ensure that you

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