Sales Training and Coaching - The Why behind the How!

May 12


Doug Dvorak

Doug Dvorak

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Being properly trained in your craft or career can help give you the upper hand.


Realize that selling is a numbers game. Get more no’s and you’ll get more yes’s.

Sidney Friedman

When you miss the sale,Sales Training and Coaching  - The Why behind the How! Articles it is even more important to make a cheerful, friendly, optimistic, and courteous exit than it is when you make the sale.

Zig Ziglar

·         Don’t pity yourself

·         Start each day with a target

·         Be friendly always

·         Always set an additional step then necessary

·         Be alert for each opportunity

·         Each problem has a positive side

·         Laugh in moment of hatred and anger

·         Concentrate on one thing

·         Be proud and satisfied

·         Examine the acts of the day at night

Og Mandino

The Value of Training

A kung Fu mastertrains his disciplesabout the rigors involved in learning the intricacies of movements of the martial art form.  Every Samurai warrior has a master.  A tiger cub learns the skill of hunting from his mother.  A mamma bear teaches her cubs where to stand in the stream to catch fish without being swept off by the strong currents.  Music students are trained by virtuosos in perfecting notes, professional athletes train under expert coaches constantly pushing the limits of endurance and strength, experienced mechanics guide trainee mechanics, and parents acquaint their children about the ways of the world and train them in social skills.  Every skill that has to be learned requires training.  Ever imagined a pilot or a ballet dancer without training? 

Sales – a formidable part of daily life and that is practiced by everybody is no exception to this rule.  Though the debate is still on – whether a good sales man is a natural seller or a trained one, there is no denying the fact that training can improve sales skills and effectiveness.   Of course, there are natural super sales men, artists, actors, wealth makers, and other geniuses that are not formally trained by anybody.  But their numbers are very limited and even they have received some form of guidance at the initial stages of their career by unsung coaches, trainers, or parents.  Tiger Woods may not have been trained as Andre Agassi was coached by the celebrity coach Nick Bolletierri, but he learnt the nuances of golf from his father in his initial years before ascending the rungs. 

Sales skill is a part science and part art form that can be honed to perfection with practice under the guidance of a guru.  Sales involves product knowledge, good communication and presentation skills, understanding buyer psychology, terrific people skills, and a positive attitude.  On the surface it may sound simple but sales involves complex techniques and requires a mastery over them.  Neither everyone is endowed with these qualities since birth, nor do they join sales fully loaded with the requisite qualities.  Sales skills training target these aspects of sales and empower sales personnel with the necessary skills to win over customers. 

Business sales training prepares rookies in sales to learn the tricks of the trade.  Those with experience in sales also may sometimes get disheartened and will be at a loss to explain their low performance.  They benefit from the expertise of a sales guru’s motivational sales training.  Every organization that has a sales department invests in sales and marketing training to enhance the skill levels of its sales force.   Some do it frequently and others periodically.  Sales management training imparted by sales management consultants may target the sales process adopted by a business or its entire sales force for performance enhancement.

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