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When it comes to wetsuits, we are sure you are not even fully aware of the different types of wetsuits that you have the option of buying

Whether it is the women’s springsuit wetsuit,Guest Posting or surfing wetsuits for women & girls, there are various alternatives to choose from when purchasing a wetsuit. The variety of choice can confuse you when you are at the store! Having an in-depth knowledge of wetsuits can be very helpful for you.

Here in this article, we will tell you about the different types of wetsuits available in stores for you. Dig in deep to find out!

  1. Full suit: The most expensive of its types, a full suit is available of different thickness sizes to suit varied water temperatures. If the water were freezing cold, you would obviously need a wet suit of minimum 6mm thickness to keep you warm for a long time. Full suits meet this requirement of yours.
  2. Wetsuit Vest: An ideal choice for doing water activities, a wetsuit vest is very popular amongst water sports lovers. It helps to minimise heat loss from the body by trapping water twixt the user’s skin and the vest, and aids in maintaining the user’s body temperature. This helps her to stay in freezing water for longer duration. The wetsuit vest also allows you to move your arms freely in water. The con is that you have to purchase bottoms separately.
  3. Wetsuit Jacket: When compared to wetsuit vests, wetsuit jackets help to keep you warmer on the inside. The jackets have arms of full length and it keeps your upper body warm even in cold waters. If you are a surfer who wants to paddle, do not purchase a jacket that has a zip on the front. It can get uncomfortable. However, if you have shoulder trouble, then a zipped jacket is preferable. These surfing wetsuits for women & girls are ideal for paddling, recreational swimming and other such activities.
  4. Springsuit: It has short legs’ coverage, and comes with either half sleeved or full sleeved arms. Womens springsuit wetsuit is ideal for summer surfing!
  5. Short John Wetsuit: This wetsuit covers you right from your torso until your thighs. This helps you to stay warmer internally. If you are taking a dawn patrol surf, this one is ideal to wear as it does not heat you up too much even if the Sun goes high. There is a neoprene twixt your tummy and knees, and you can show off your arms again!
  6. Long John Wetsuit: This does not cover your hands, but keeps your legs under wraps! If the air temperature around you is warm while the water is cold, then this wetsuit is perfect to be worn for such a day!
  7. Short Arm Steamer: Built of 2-3mm neoprene that covers your torso and legs, short arm seamer as the name suggests has short arm sleeves. It helps you to paddle easily whilst keeping you warm simultaneously!


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