The Historical Significance of Roman Gladius Swords

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Swords used during the Ancient Roman Empire hold great significance and are much admired by all medieval lovers and sword collectors. Swords of the Imperial Rome are popularly known as Roman Gladius Swords.

Ancient Roman Army is remembered as one of the most capable and efficient military forces of history. The army was greatly honored and respected throughout the Roman Empire. They used amazing armor,Guest Posting weapons and swords that are still reproduced in the modern time for decorative and practical purposes. One of the most famous weapons of the Romans is called Gladius that is highly admired and demanded by all sword fanatics.

Gladius was the term used for sword during the Roman Empire. Even today this term is used to refer to the basic sword used by the Ancient Roman soldiers. It was an essential weapon during all the major battles of that time. Roman soldiers were highly skilled and efficient in the use of Gladius and won many wars depending entirely on it. It was principally a short sword with a double edged blade. It was designed to be used single handedly in a thrusting manner. The sharp ‘V’ point at the end of the blade could easily be stabbed deep inside the enemy. It was very light in weight and therefore could be handled very easily with swift motions.

It was considered an ideal weapon for close fights. Its small size made it possible for the soldiers to stand nearer to one another during a fight. The stabbing cuts that were caused by the thrusting motion of these swords were normally very lethal and often injured the opponent to death. Roman placed considerable importance on the construction of their special sword and used best quality iron for this purpose.  Special attention was also paid towards the sharpness of the blade by Roman warriors and they always kept it in this state by regular sharpening and filing.
The handles of majority of Gladius swords were created from various types of hardwood. The sword was also kept covered with a scabbard that was normally beautifully adorned.

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