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If you are new to the tea drinking club, you are sure to be fascinated by the world of accessories that go along with the process of drinking tea including the choice of utensils used for brewing and serving tea

With the huge array of choices available with different types of materials and designs,Guest Posting all you need to worry about is the functionality of your utensils. To help you in selecting the perfect tea set for your practical needs, here are the key things you need to consider.

The first consideration that you need to make is the size of the tea set and teapot you are buying. Buying a teapot that has more capacity than the amount you are likely to drink is neither practical, nor useful. The next important aspect is the material for the set that you are choosing.


Glass pots can be a visual treat as these can help you to see what is called the agony of the leaves, or the beautiful way in which the leaves uncurl and brew while steeping. Glass teapots do not have any smell clinging to them from the previous batch of tea and do not taste of any tea made before in them. Though they are moderately delicate, they are pretty easy to clean. However, you should not place the glass pot directly on fire or put a hot teapot into the fridge directly as it may crack.


Ceramic teapots are one of the oldest types of teapots, originating around 11,000 years ago. Clay, from which these are made generally to have natural heat retention properties as well as low seepage and can help brew the leaves much faster. If the inside of the pot is glazed, it can be used to brew as many types of teas as you want, however, if there is no glaze, you will need to limit yourself to a single type of tea to prevent mixing of flavours and smells. Same goes for ceramic tea cups.


This is one of the finest types of utensils that you can find to drink tea in. With a huge array of designs available, this is one of the most beautiful types of artistry that you can find in any kind of tea set and is generally the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a teapot. The care instructions for this type of pot are the same as that of clay pots.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron can be a great alternative for a teapot as it's a great conductor of heat and keeps your tea hotter for longer. These teapots generally have an enamel interior so you can brew many different varieties of tea without leaving any residue. A cast Iron teapot with filter can be a convenient option as you won’t have to strain the tea if you use this.

These are the two main considerations that you need to make when you are buying a tea set to ensure that your set actually caters to your tea drinking habits and does not end up being a useless decorative piece of kitchenware.

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