What to do when your prospect just won't get back to you!

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Does this look ... prospect contacts you and asks for ... about ... You email the ... along with complete order ... Not a ... day, ... yo

Does this look familiar?

Your prospect contacts you and asks for information about Wonder
Widget. You email the information along with complete order details.
Response? Not a word.

Next day,Guest Posting undaunted, you hit the resend key so that your prospect
receives the information again. Response? Still nothing.

Next day, ditto. Response? Zip.

What's going on here?

Welcome, folks, to the way marketing works in the early days of the
much storied New Millennium. People are underfunded and over
saturated with marketing; they're slow to respond even to things they
like and have asked for more information about.

Thus, you've got to be more determined, more tenacious, and focused

The Worldprofit Sales Manager is an absolutely vital tool for helping
you achieve the objective.

The Sales Manager enables you to send out in any given 90 day period
up to 25 personalized messages automatically.

Thus, the minute a prospect says, "Says me information on Wonder
Widget," in addition to a personal note with the necessary details and
order form (or directions to your website), you can also subscribe the
prospect to your Sales Manager, where he'll receive, day after day,
just as many messages as you've added to the system.

Okay, now say that you've sent your non-responding prospect one, two
or three personal messages of the kind which opened this article
and that you've had no response whatsoever. What then? For these
all-too-frequent cases, create one zinger of a message that goes
like this:

I'm puzzled.

You asked me for information about Wonder Widget. I've been sending
you this information over and over again and have tried repeatedly
to connect with you. But I haven't heard a word back from you.
Maybe you're out of town! Maybe funds are low right now!


Here's my phone number. (Add phone number here)

Here's my email address. (Add email address here.)

Here's my website address. (Add URL here.)


Also, please take a minute and complete this short questionnaire
and let me know what else you are interested in. Just fill it
out, cut and paste and mailto:(your email address here.)
I'm standing by right now to hear from you and to help you!


Company Name

Street Address



ZIP/Postal Code

Day Telephone ( )

Evening Telephone ( )

What you are interested in (please check all that apply)

(Add list here, subjects like

"I want my own home-based business.")

Budget you are working with:

/ / Under $250 / / Under $500 / / Under $1000 / / Under $2000

When you want to get started

/ / Now / / Next 30 Days / / Next 60 Days

Any helpful information you can provide which will enable me to
help you:


Once you've completed your questionnaire (and, remember, the objective
of the questionnaire is to get you the information you need to build
a relationship with this prospect and make the fastest possible sale),
enter this message into your Sales Manager. Send it every 3 days for
75 days.

By continually hitting your prospect this way you increase the likelihood
that you WILL get a response. If the prospect wants to stop the messages
that's easy to do. Equally, once she's ready to respond, all she has
to do is either follow your instructions on how you can be contacted OR
just HIT REPLY to snag your attention.

In an age when people have way too little time and money to take
advantage of all the offers that assail them daily, you've got to be
smarter, more determined, and more tenacious than everybody else.

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