Why No One Buys From Your Site!

Dec 4


Mose Ross

Mose Ross

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Like most online ... the main reason you ... web site is so you can make some money ... like most online ... you probably know ... it can be to have spen


Like most online entrepreneurs,Why No One Buys From Your Site! Articles the main reason you created
your web site is so you can make some money online.

And like most online entrepreneurs, you probably know how
depressing it can be to have spent your life savings on your
site or products & have no one buy from your site.

But how do you get someone to buy from your site? There are
many answers to this question, but let's discuss the top
three: merchant account, the right products & a web site!

Well everyone knows in order to make sales online, you need
a merchant account, without it you won't make a single sale!

But what most online entrepreneurs fail to realize is that
30% of online consumers still prefer to use checks online.
I don't know about you, but 30% is a lot to me. Make sure
you accept both credit cards & checks! Next are the right

Most Internet marketing programs today, instruct you how to
market your products & make sales. What the programs fails
to tell you are which products will sell online. To
determine if your product(s) will sell online, ask yourself
these three questions:

1. Does it fill a need or solve a problem?
2. Does it have worldwide appeal? You are on the net!
3. Is it available at the store? If it is, is it

If you can't answer yes to the above questions, you need to
find yourself another product because it will not sell online.
Now let's discuss your web site.

When online consumers visit your site, you have less than one
minute to keep them there, which means your first paragraph is
very important to you! If your first paragraph is about you or
how your company is the #1 company online you are losing sales!

Today's online consumers do not want to read about how your
company is the #1 company online or how many people you have
helped in the past; they want to know how can your product(s)
or web site benefit them personally when they first get to your

A good way to keep them there & make sales, is to list the
benefits of your product(s). Benefits tell the potential buyer
what he or she will get out of your product(s). Do not mistake
features for benefits. Features tell the potential buyer what
the product(s) has.

Last but not least, your site must be persuasive! Persuasive
means your site must capture the mind of the potential buyer
causing him or her to buy your product(s) & become a customer.
An example of a persuasive web site is

Remember your site is nothing more than a sales letter & has
only one purpose, to make sales!

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