5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Benefit From A Mobile-Friendly Website

Apr 7


Mary Rowling

Mary Rowling

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You may have the most impressive website with the most efficient marketing strategy, surrounded by a solid community to support your brand.


However,5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Benefit From A Mobile-Friendly Website Articles if you are still not accessible on mobile, you miss out on a huge customer base that can emerge as a huge revenue generation source. 

People often forget that they need to make their website mobile-friendly, apart from focusing on other aspects of their business to remain in the competition today. Looking at the growing use of smartphones and mobile internet, possessing a mobile-friendly website is vital so you can improve user experience and increase sales.

Here, we will look at the benefits of a mobile-friendly website for your business.


Boost in Sales

Today, 80% of internet users use their mobile devices to access the internet. So, if you own a mobile-friendly website, you are more likely to be accessible to your customer base via their mobile devices. According to many surveys on online sales via mobiles in 2019, a website's mobile-friendliness increases the possibility of its products/services sales by 67%. 

Improved SEO Ranking

The mobile-friendliness of a website also impacts its search engine optimisation (SEO). The world's search engine giant Google, where 94% of worldwide searches occur, considers mobile-friendliness one of the essential factors for ranking a website on search engine result pages (SERP).

SEO is crucial for any business to increase its visibility on search engines to reach out to new customer bases and markets. 

Impact of Social Media

We live in a time when social media plays a vital role in influencing our thought processes. So, businesses need to have their own social media channels to grab the opportunity. If they don't have yet, they are losing out on a massive customer base they can reach out to via social media. Also, make sure your social media profiles have your website's URL on them. So that when potential customers using social media click on your website link, they are directed to your mobile-friendly site. 

Your users are more likely to visit your website via mobiles than any other device. People carry their mobile everywhere, and rarely is there a person who does not use social media to find out about a brand they are interested in. So you have a better chance of turning your social media followers into regular customers. 

Increases Competitiveness

Even today, many businesses have traditional desktop-only websites, which cannot be accessed on mobile. And studies say only 24% of 1 million of the most popular websites worldwide have mobile-friendly websites. Having a presence on mobile enables you to be accessible to whoever carries a mobile (smartphones or tablets) device. As we know, nowadays, most businesses can be easily done via mobile devices, so having a mobile-friendly website increases your competitiveness.

Quicker to Load

Mobile-friendly websites are quicker to load on mobile devices than traditional desktop-only websites. If site speed is not good, your users may lose interest and exit from your website. This can frustrate your users, and you will end up losing potential sales—a good website loads within 3 seconds. The speed of your website is equally important in terms of SEO. A faster loading website is vital to increase your SEO ranking, visibility and accessibility of your users.

  Wrap Up

From the above points, it is clear why a mobile-friendly website is essential for a business. So, without delay, try to find a professional SEO company in Dubai for a complete solution.