6 Dark Secrets of SEO That The Experts Don’t Tell You

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There are some dark secrets of SEO that every marketer must know about it, thus choosing the SEO is important to grow in business

Search engine optimization or simply known as SEO is the most preferred marketing tool. It has some amazing benefits that every business online avail it by achieving the top ranks in Google. But are you aware of the fact that SEO has some dark sectors that expert professionals do not reveal? Each and everything on the internet has some positive as well as negative sides which must be equally looked into. 

The SEO increases the traffic count,Guest Posting optimizes the whole website, and makes it more user-friendly. However, these days the market became more competitive in terms of ranks and mobile-friendliness. According to a recent study, almost 90 to 95 searches come from handy mobile phones but where SEO is not the sole reason. It does not matter whether the Best SEO Company in Kolkata or reasonable price services, all goes through and knows the secrets profoundly.


Here is the following list of the secrets in points to know more about modern digital technology: 


  1. The google keyword planner shows inaccurate results.
  2. SEO is not meant for everyone.
  3. SEO’s are not sufficient for an online business website.
  4. Along with potential traffic, there are lots of spam traffic too.
  5. Seach traffics have some kind of limits.
  6. It can turn out to be a risky business.

Before going into the details, it is important to know and note that SEO is an efficient tool to make an online presence apart from the dark sides. With the budding dark sides, there are plenty of methods to remove it in no time. So without wasting time, let’s move forward in the details:



  • The google keyword planner shows inaccurate results


On the first note or can say the first secret is that the Google keyword planner shows inaccurate results. Google gets more than a million searches every day but the number is far away from the domain. This is the tool where most searches on the given phrase are counted but its shows different numbers. It is due to the different grammatical systems, writing formats, etc. Hence, it can solve out by using other keyword searching tools which show more accurate results. 



  • SEO is not meant for everyone


As reported by the experts of the best affordable SEO, SEO services are not for every set of businesses. The services are fully meant for those who have popularity and great demand in the marketing system. If you have a business and nobody wants to buy from your company, then surely SEO is not the cup of your tea. 



  • SEO’s are not sufficient for an online business website


Most marketers think ranking is the important thing to run a successful business drive but it is not enough. Apart from the rank credibility, there are many things which the website best and improves the incoming traffic count. Therefore, if you are going for a new business setup, then look at things more than SEO. 



  • Along with potential traffic, there are lots of spam traffic too


People these days love unique things which grab their attention easily. However, choosing the right SEO can help the local business grow in no time but there is a lot of secrets behind it. All traffic that increases the side traffics is not the potential traffics, there are spam traffics too which increases the count. 



  • Seach traffics have some kind of limits


The search traffics has some kind of limits. Without the limit, there are higher chances of calling disadvantage which is why this is an important secret that every marketer knows about it. From PRs to PPC ad campaigns, from CR to word of mouth, all sorts of them have some limits to reform with the marketing changes. 



  • It can turn out to be a risky business


The SEO proceedings should be done perfectly without any casualties, otherwise, it can affect the whole business outlook in go. Therefore, before going for SEO services for business, it is important to the experienced personals. Indeed it is a risky business tool. 


Wrapping up

Therefore, before going to apply any of the online business ranking techniques, it is important to do proper research to know the scenario and all the positive and negative sides of the systems. The six dark sides come off with any SEO services when it is not applied properly, so seeking advice from the SEO can direct reliable path to achieve business goals.

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