9 of the best SEO tools you can try for free

Apr 3


Ranjith Senan

Ranjith Senan

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So here's a listing of SEO tools you can attempt out before paying money. We all know that SEO is the foundation of ranking higher, and this is why there are now numbers of SEO tools all striving for your attention.


A complimentary test is an exceptional way to get introduced to pricey SEO software. So here's a listing of SEO tools you can attempt out before paying money. We all know that SEO is the foundation of ranking higher, 9 of the best SEO tools you can try for free Articles and this is why there are now numbers of SEO tools all striving for your attention. To avoid splurging on an eventually disappointing software, here’s the list of 10 most notable SEO tools you can take for a turn before you pay even a single dollar on them.


SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite strives to control all of the SEO jobs in a single desktop-based combination at an affordable price. It presents everything from an SEO crawler to a mobile-friendly test tool. There are no limitations on the number of projects, nor on the number of backlinks and keywords researched, so it’s excellent for large-volume SEO campaigns. Moreover, it is a freemium tool. There is a quite viable free version of the software, which claims the same functionality as that of the paid version, with some restrictions on backlink research and competitive analysis, and no limits on keywords, which makes it flawless for affordable keyword research. 


 SE Ranking

In a comparable manner to #1, this is also a complete SEO suite. It’s not the most beneficial keyword research tool, but it’s yet an all-embracing SEO toolbar, and the good news is that there are no limited functions. All of the tool’s functionality is accessible even with the most economical plan, and the only thing that varies with the raised pricing is the limits. And within each plan, you can customize the limits on keywords researched yourself, adjusting the last price of the product. That way, you’ll only be spending for the functionality you demand.


Moz Pro

Moz is a different one of the all-in-one solutions for SEO practitioners. From a keyword research tool to a site crawler, it’s got you composed. It also owns one of the most comprehensive backlink databases on the market momentarily, making its backlink checker one of the most sought-after characteristics for SEO. Additionally, it’s quite a bit more pricey than most other SEO tools, so it might not be the most desirable fit for a freelance expert or a small business owner.

 Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a cloud-based SEO solution that consolidates a collection of various databases for diverse specialties, using Moz and Majestic, for example, to give users the most useful results. It boasts a very comfortable feature of combination with your email automation and calls tracking software, where you could import your data from Mailchimp, and run your email campaigns from your SEO tool. This is why it’s fine used by an in-house SEO specialist, rather than an agency or an SEO with various clients.



SEMrush is a platform intending to be a genuine one-stop-shop for all digital marketers out there. SEMrush grants full SEO functionality to its users, from a robust backlink checker to local SEO tools. This functionality, along with pretty reasonable limits on the keyword research tool and projects (up to 200), makes it particularly suitable for SEO experts working with infinite clients, rather than small business owners or freelance SEOs. There is likewise a free version of SEMrush, which is confined to the point of being unusable for regular work, but it’s practical as a demo of the more general tool.


Netpeak Software

Netpeak software has two apps, both based on desktop. Firstly, a Netpeak Spider, which is an SEO crawler used as a website auditor and backlink checker. Secondly, a Netpeak Checker, a tool for URL analysis and competitor research. It’s helpful because you can pay half the price, and use either one of the apps particularly. 


Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks are built to aid you produce a trustworthy backlink profile. It’s the first and chief backlink research tool. It reviews your current backlinks and gives you actual data you can analyze. There’s a very beneficial disavowal tool in place to get relieved of your unwanted and spammy backlinks, as well as a Competitor Links module for researching your competition’s backlinks. This tool might work for an in-house SEO specialist or a business owner who barely demands a backlink checker tool and might not have the greatest budget prepared.



Rank Ranger intends to be the head of a digital marketer, by providing a website audit, keyword research, and plenty of social media integrations. Although the Site Auditor feature can simply crawl up to 500 URLs daily, and its website audit is yet in beta, its main importance is on those integrations. From Mailchimp to Twilio, and from Google Ads to YouTube Analytics, RankRanger can bring together several of various tools’ analytics.


Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO is a tool pointing at SEO experts operating on content marketing projects. In its Starter plan, the functionality is pretty restricted, with no Whitelabel nor API access available. On the other hand, its limits on backlink research and rank tracking would make it a reliable selection for an in-house SEO working on even a large-volume campaign.


Choose your tools wisely

With SEO being the most critical factor for a website’s ranking, the type of SEO tool you’ll choose will likely define the completion of your whole marketing operations. So pick very accurately, test drive any tool you’re fascinated in, and, if you decide not to proceed, don’t forget to delete your subscription before you are priced! Need to optimize you website and get better ranking on Google Search results visit the best mobile app development company in kerala.