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Article Directory is one of the best promotion technique for building links to a particular site. Compared to web directories, advantages of promoting your site through Article Directory are certain and immediate.

 I will enumerate only two of them:

1. Unlike a web directory that provides only a link back from a Article Directory you receive two or three links with do follow.
2. Links from body text are more relevant than those from title or tags.

If you take into consideration to manage a Article Directory you will need Article Directory Script. Structure of script must friendly and easy to use. Most scripts of Article Directory make mandatory header logo or site name,Guest Posting usually the left side and the other side is the logging option and option to submit article. All the headers is good to know that here must be found and how to search because the top will remain fixed and will be displayed in all pages of articles directory.

Going forward we find the menu of categories and subcategories on the left side. The script should have the option as these categories and subcategories can be added manually from the CMS and receive both text fields for meta keywords and meta description. Good to know that tag is used as the title is necessary to regain in meta description in meta keywords (first tag), given in the body text and tags "h".

When you start adding categories and subcategories on the Article Directory Script try to achieve a unique description of up to 150 characters (best optimization for Google). Try to insert in this description 3-4 keywords, first keyword must be given by the title, and which then insert them into meta keywords. The same rule should be applied when display the article, it is best to bold keywords in the text and then insert them in meta keywords. Article title is very important to find in tag h1.

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