Five Key Steps to Find the Best SEO Agency

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 Optimizing search engines is one of the world's most common marketing techniques at the moment. Businesses from agriculture to accounting have adopted SEO as a staple of their company's future with its low entry cost, the tremendous potential for sales growth, and the promise of long-term results

Optimizing search engines is one of the world's most common marketing techniques at the moment. Businesses from agriculture to accounting have adopted SEO as a staple of their company's future with its low entry cost,Guest Posting the tremendous potential for sales growth, and the promise of long-term results.

Some of these companies have their own in-house marketing departments that only focus on the marketing objectives of their company. But that costs a lot of money, and when you completely invest in your own SEO squad, it can take a long time to go from the red to the black.

That's why many organizations chose to partner with an SEO agency. Their services can also be costly, but the price of an agency is a bargain compared to having an in-house team together.

Step 1

A seed list begins with every search for the right SEO agency. A seed list is a selection of marketing agencies for your business that are potential partners. Adding an agency to this list does not mean that you have to go through the process of getting a quote from them.

It's just an initial brainstorm to get the ball rolling. Most businesses do this by finding pre-made lists of agencies or making their lists based on their own research 

Option 1: Search online for the right SEO Agency

You can find the best SEO agency on the internet with all their options.  All you have to do for them to find the right agency for your Business is check for Google's "best SEO agencies"

Option 2: Creating your own list

When you're searching for SEO agencies, you don't have to begin with somebody else's list. Creating your own seed list means from the beginning you are hunting down agencies that are hyper-specific to your business, which means they would all be better candidates than a third-party list.

When you're making your seed list, specialties like local SEO, technical SEO, small business SEO, and even niche SEO are all fair game. Just select the qualities you know you're going to need in a marketing partner and search for those keywords based on them. Then, for your shortlist, write down between five and 15 agencies somewhere.

Step 2: Check out Digital marketing agencies’ websites

The website is very important since it talks so much about how well you’re going to build a website for other companies.

1- Homepage:

The homepage of an agency is important because it is how the agency chooses to introduce itself to potential customers like you.

As a result, the best-looking page on the web should be the homepage of an agency.  You should be able to find navigation elements, the name of the department, and contact options. To give you an idea of who works there, the page should also feature some kind of artwork. This can show you that the company is able to show itself off.

2- About Page:

The about page is important as well. It shows how the company presents itself to the clients like you.

A good ‘About Page’ has to contain good images, video, happy employees, and the agency’s values.

3-Testimonial page

Testimonials give value to the agency since they point out the good and hard work the employees have done for their clients.
The best SEO Agencies should have at least 100 testimonials.  The number of positive reviews needs to show that the agency is dedicated, worth it, and of good quality.

4- Blog

Blogs are usually on the last page of the Website. They are important as they give success to the Website.

Step 3

Know the agency’s strength

You can check the agency’s strengths with several online tools such as Achrefs and Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Test 1:Search for the brand name

Evaluate the company’s brand name by doing some researches

Test 2: Search for major keyword

It is important to have the right keywords on the Website in order to earn new customers. Agencies should rank high in order to attract potential clients like you.

Test 3: Searching minor keywords

Minor keywords are search terms that are not directly related to the agency’s primary audience. They can rank high or low because they aren’t directly related to the agency’s bottom line.
Minor keywords attract traffic to the site that will bring new visitors to the website.

Step 4:Have the first contact with agencies

Contact the prospective agencies directly as soon as you’re done with their Website.

The advantage of email contact:

You should know the right time to email the contact, call the contact, or have an in-person meeting.

The choice is up to you. Do what makes you feel good.

Step 5: Meeting with the agencies

You won’t directly close an SEO contract from your first conversation with an Agency.
Following up is an important step to start with, followed by meeting with the person. There are several questions that must be taken into consideration and asked when working with an agency such as:

1- How will you improve my site’s rankings?

They will then start explaining what, how, and why they will do it. They will also mention the impact of their work and how long it will take them.

The second question that needs to be asked is: How will we stay in touch about updates?
They will have to answer directly and tell you why they do what they do.

The 3rd question is:  how and when do you report changes?

They must answer what tools they use to report and how often they send reports.
Question 4: Do you use tools for your work?

This question is good because they will have to mention the tools the agency uses and why they use them and explain these tools.

The 5th question is: how do you stay up-to-date with algorithm changes?
This helps the agency explain more the used sources, also talks more about the trustworthy sources. This will build trust between you and the agency.

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