Great Tools For SEO you must see

Feb 3


Jerry Wy.

Jerry Wy.

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Find here a small list of useful tools that help your SEO tasks.


Effective SEO requires a lot of effort and time so counting with great tools that can help you do most of the work will benefit you in saving time and money. Below you will find a small list of SEO tools you can use:

1 - This is a free xml sitemap generator. You can create your sitemap and then submit it to Google Webmasters tool

2 - Also a great free tool that let you submit your sitemap in case crawlers are having difficult accessing certain sites.
Also you can check site statistics,Great Tools For SEO you must see Articles popular keywords and more. I personally like this tool a lot.

3 - Very easy to use and it displays multiple domains instead of one.

4 - This is a computer software you must download. It has a free version and a paid one. It is useful because it is an all in one tool. Lets you submit your site to hundred of search engines and directories. You can also manage multiple sites and submit using a pre-made form you make so the job of submitting to directories where captcha is present is done by this software.

5 - This site provides free meta tags analysis. It detects all the meta tags on your website and based on that gives you a global visibility score. Just type the URLs you would like to analyze and that´s it.

A couple of more things you have to consider:

1 - Get a good hosting service that preferably provides cpanel (Control panel)

2 - Analyze your traffic. You can to this with a simpler tool like Statcounter ( or you might prefer and advanced tool like Google Analytics.

Depends on your personal needs what to use but both are good and easy to use.