Optimize PDFs for search engines

Oct 8


Anja Glauch

Anja Glauch

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As competitive as the online world becomes, it also is crucial that a website is noticed online.As repetitive as this might be, Search Engine Optimization ensures that your web content appears when a user is searching for it. It is essential that search engines can read the content from a website therefore optimizing PDF files as well as normal HTML/ XHTML web content would be an excellent step to take.Search Engines rate websites based on their relevancy to content and keywords, but also on many quality links the sites has - outgoing and incoming.

The same way Search Engine Optimization specialists can optimize websites,Optimize PDFs for search engines Articles PDF documents can be optimized too. How to optimize  a PDF file:
  • Make all PDF's in text format, so that the search engine can read it;
  • Complete the document's properties, (especially the title) - what usually happens is that people forget to set a title, that way the search engine will pick content from the PDF file and it might not be exactly what you would want.
  • Optimize text, by making sure that selected keywords are there and can easily be identified;
  • Add  links to PDF files, so that readers can always be redirected to your website;
  • Save files at the lowest possible Acrobat version, so that readers can easily open it, and search engines can find it;
  • Sizes should be kept as small as possible, if files take too long to download users will abandon the site;
  • Place links to your files on your web page where it can easily be found, i.e. closer to the root level of the site’s file structure.
  • Specify reading order, in terms of text and headlines;
  • Publish articles in different directories that directly link to your PDF documents
In order to achieve a higher ranking, it is important to use a set of well chosen keywords and relevant content, by optimizing PDF files. They can achieve a higher number of links and the opportunity to have more content associated with your website and your business, which would ultimately affect one's ranking on the most popular search engines.